Midnight Ryder Technologies

  • Blacktop Nationals


    Now take the 2013 Blacktop Nationals with you! Keep up to date with schedules, judging classes, and more!

  • My Little Green Book


    For members of the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, life just got a little easier! Now My Little Green Book, a staple of the association, is available for free for members! Now Oklahoma law fits in your pocket in a searchable format! Note: This app requires a password provided by...

  • RetroBreaker


    RetroBreaker merges the best retro-style gameplay and unique new twists! Forget what you know about Brickbreaker / Breakout clones! Normally find the genre boring - you won't have that problem with RetroBreaker! With wild new gameplay concepts like multiple exists, gravity balls, bricks...

  • David's Tax Service




    For David's Tax Service in Kansas customers, or prospective customers, we provide a checklist of information you'll need for filing your taxes through our services, and information for following up with the IRS and the Kansas Department of Revenue to find the status of your refund!

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