Migital IA

  • SMS Responder

    SMS Responder




    You don't have to type a message every time someone sends you a message! Just get the SMS Responder app and let it take care of that for you! It will Auto respond to your selected contacts. Whenever a message comes from any of these specified contacts, SMS Responder will reply to it without...

  • Droid Vuvuzela

    Droid Vuvuzela




    World Cup is gone, but it gave us many memories to cherish forever!! And one of them was the most annoying sound of the dreaded Vuvuzela!! It's loud and raucous sound reflects the exhilaration of supporters. It sent a shiver down our spines, and it gave sleepless nights to many! The sound...

  • MIG Central Support Services

    MIG Central Support Services




    MIGITAL is a Top Developer of Mobile Applications related to the core services of your phone with the best in the bread Utility & Security Apps. Since these Services need a high priority in the phone to deliver a high protection and performance output, this Plug-in is required to act as a...

  • Phone Smasher

    Phone Smasher




    Capture attention or outrage your friends by playing tricks on them. Fool them into thinking that you broke your phone in anger, and hand the phone over to them. Blame them that they broke it, and would need to pay! Features: · Touch the phone anywhere on the screen to produce the broken screen...

  • Image Hider

    Image Hider




    Now keep all your private images secured. Save them behind a password set by you and it will be invisible to others. You don't need to worry about intruding friends or family members, no matter how much they try, they will never be able to see those secret images. * Make any image...

  • Kids Book

    Kids Book




    Turn on to new cool and easy method to make your Kid bright in simple way. The Fun way to make your kids interested to play and learn Make your Mobile phone as Knowledge Center for your Kid Now you don't need to buy Book to teach Alphabets to your children! Teach Alphabets in Capitals and...

  • Contact Hider

    Contact Hider




    Worried about Contact theft from your mobile or perhaps bugged by intruders? Leave the worries behind, secure your contacts with a strong password. No one will ever be able to find those hidden Contacts. Select contacts to be hidden. Secure them with a password set by you. These hidden contacts...

  • Battery Optimiser

    Battery Optimiser




    Tired of your phone battery running out quickly? Don't know how to save your battery? Have you been searching for an application that will automatically help optimise your mobile battery? Then Battery Optimiser is the perfect app for you! Get Battery Optimiser and be rest assured that it...

  • Beauty Reflector

    Beauty Reflector




    Who doesn't love dressing up and being complimented for their looks? Now when someone asks you 'How do I look?' just click their picture using this app and give them the rating you want! Make their day with a cool compliment or play a prank by giving them an Ugly rating! So lets...

  • Traffic Rush

    Traffic Rush




    Managing traffic on busy roads is not an easy task. Through this strategy based game you can try your hand at controlling the maddening traffic on bustling roads. You just need to keep the traffic flow smooth and keep the roads crash free! Handle the morning office goers and the evening rush...

  • Veggie Lover

    Veggie Lover




    Help the chef catch all the veggies or the non veg items in his 3 bowls. Make sure you don't drop them or the chef will be very upset! Vegetables are flying in the kitchen and you have to catch them in the various bowls provided. There are 2 game modes Veg and Non-veg. You will score the...

  • My Candle

    My Candle




    The age of electronics have pushed us away from the age old tradition of using Candles. We used to light candles every time the electricity went off, but now it just never goes off, thanks to generator back ups etc. But lets bring back this old classic because candles are not only ever so...

  • Free Run

    Free Run




    Free Run is based on a type of athletic training called 'Parkour'. Here you need to clear an obstacle course by making the character jump over various obstacles at the right time. Three different backgrounds to choose from, each with different hurdles. Collect energy boosters to keep up...

  • BMI Calculator

    BMI Calculator




    Are you overweight or underweight? Does obesity stand in way of your normal life, well being and health? Try the BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator to find out! Body Mass Index or BMI is defined as the individual's body mass divided by the square of his or her height. It is a tool that helps...

  • Active Yoga

    Active Yoga




    Ancient Indian scriptures tell us about the importance & value of Yoga in our daily lives, and it has become even more valuable in today's life. When life is full of stress, chaos, day-to-day challenges, Yoga not only gives you peace of mind, but also a healthy body to live happily....

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