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  • Photo Magix

    Photo Magix




    The App Pictures have no meaning without effects. This App helps in adding meaning to your PICS! Photo designing is a passion...& Now you don't need to wait any longer to make your own photo lab or photo art studio... Just Download this Perfect Photo App! “PHOTO MAGIX” is a free Photo...

  • Phone & Battery Magix

    Phone & Battery Magix




    The App Does your Phone run out of Battery very quickly? Does your Device always die at crucial moments? Want to find a Perfect Solution? We’ve spent months finding a solution for you that's Strong & Efficient enough to take care of all your Battery Needs! WooHoo & finally, we have...

  • Hindu Calendar

    Hindu Calendar




    Are you more comfortable with Hindi letters or just want to know when sapthmi or aasthmi falls or when is purnima or when is shivratri or other important such events. Hindu Calendar provides review of all such events during each month for the current year. With this calendar, you will always be...

  • Send Seal

    Send Seal




    Recently there has been a significant increase in fraudulent activities targeting international business transactions. People are hacking Emails and sending false information on the Proformas/Invoices or sending urgent payment requirements from a separate account and trying to retrieve money by...

  • Contacts & Apps Lock

    Contacts & Apps Lock




    Now you can secure not just your Contacts but also your SMS & unlimited Apps & do so much more! With Contacts & Apps Lock you will be able to lock Contacts along with various applications that will make your phone completely secure! It's the most efficient App to keep your...

  • SMS & Apps Lock

    SMS & Apps Lock




    With SMS & Apps Lock you will be able to get SMS Lock along with various applications which will make your phone completely secure! It's the most efficient App to keep your privacy intact! Get it now! Worried about your girlfriend reading your messages or checking out your...

  • Diabetes Tracker

    Diabetes Tracker




    Diabetes is a lifelong, chronic condition in which there are high levels of sugar in the blood. These high levels must be kept in check for an individual to live a normal life. We with the help of this App are doing our small bit by trying to help you keep your diabetes in check. Diabetes...

  • Super WiFi Manager

    Super WiFi Manager




    If you are an active WiFi user, Super WiFi Manager is the perfect tool for you! A One Stop Shop, which brings together multiple features for easy use! The perfect WiFi Manager for your phone! Why Super WiFi Manager? ★ Finds, Analyzes, Connects & Prioritizes WiFi connections. ★ Provides...

  • Facebook Photo Grid

    Facebook Photo Grid




    Auto save pictures directly from FACEBOOK! The amazing Facebook Photo Grid App recognizes the new images uploaded by your friends, groups & pages you liked and displays all those pictures in the app. You don't need to log in to Facebook often in order to checkout the latest pictures...

  • Easy Notes & Super Reminder

    Easy Notes & Super Reminder




    Are you forgetting things because of your busy lifestyle? Now you can stay organized with the newly launched, highly advanced, Easy Notes & Super Reminder App. Forget sticky notes and to do lists, Easy Notes & Super Reminder is the way to go! We all need to be reminded about the small...

  • Gallery Secure & Hider

    Gallery Secure & Hider




    In today's hi-tech world, privacy is of utmost importance for everyone! Keeping this in mind we have developed the ultimate hider app, that keeps your personal images, videos & other data completely safe and secure. Gallery Secure & Hider is the perfect answer to all your privacy...

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