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  • MB Notifications for Facebook

    MB Notifications for Facebook




    REALLY IMPORTANT: If you have any issue, things don't work as you expected or whatever else, please don't complain on the market since I have no way to help you out there. Tutorial: Let's face it, when it comes to Android, whether you...

  • MB Notifications for FB (Free)

    MB Notifications for FB (Free)




    Tutorial: Let's face it, when it comes to Android, whether you like the official Facebook application or not it has one major flaw: no notifications! And this is even more true when you don't use any app for Facebook at all but just the...

  • MB Shortcuts for Facebook

    MB Shortcuts for Facebook




    NOTE: to use this app, you'll need to choose to add a shortcut to your homescreen (just as you would with a widget), the app won't appear in the applications list. You'll need the official Facebook app (at least version 1.6) Why should you be forced to navigate through tons of...

  • MB Search for TinEye

    MB Search for TinEye




    Search for images using the amazing TinEye Reverse Image Search engine! (unofficial application) Conveniently search for images online in any of the following ways: * choosing the Android share functionality in any app (gallery, browser, etc.); * picking the image from your photos; *...

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