Mikhail Kovalev

  • Astronomical Age pro


    Difference to AstroAge free: new design of date picker. also you can find out your weight on every planet Without ads! This app is almost identical to AstroAge free. You can buy this version of AstroAge to support development.

  • Soyuz to MIR




    You are captain of the Soyuz spaceship and you need to get orbital station MIR. To do this you should slowly move Soyuz to the station's port and try to save fuel. Every movement consume fuel. Don't move fast because you can destroy yourself with MIR station. Remember fuel and time are...

  • AstroAge astronomical age free




    Did you know that Mercury orbits the Sun four times per year? And Jupiter does it in twelve years? This means your age differs on every planet! And you have no less than six birthdays per year! With AstroAge you can simply find your age and date of next birthday on every planet. When you enter...

  • AstroDiet astronomical weight




    Did you know that your weight depends on your location? Your mass remains the same , but your weight doesn't. Everyone is six times lighter on the Moon, and 2,5 times heavier on Jupiter! To lose some pounds you only need fly to Moon or Mars! You will become light as a cat on an asteroid, or...

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