• VS! English Word Quiz




    This is an application to learn the English word. You can play alone, and you can play with another player by bluetooth. If you make word book, you can use the word book in this application. Through playing in this application, you try to remember the English word aggressively . --- Client /...

  • VS! CDTest




    Touch 25 panels. Select options in option menu. Select settings in setting menu. Play using 2 Android devices by Bluetooth.

  • R1




    This is an action puzzle game. Operate by flick. You can tweet by the menu key. This game is easy at first, but it is very difficult in the middle. This original game was popular long ago. We reformed stages and images completely. This game is derivative work. If you take the key and reach a...

  • 文字当てクイズ


    問題数は 5問。 タイルの後ろに隠れる文字を当てます。 レベル 1…タイルは灰色 レベル 2…タイルは黒色 レベル 3…タイルは白色 スコアランキング機能があります。

  • Flag Dash


    Simple "Dot Eat" game. Operate direction and enter button. Get all flags.

  • Hako.




    Simple dot-eat game. Let's tilt android device. You can play opponent by bluetooth. You can play opponents(max3) by Google Play Game Service.

  • MSTest TypeB


    This is memory skill's test(typeB). Remember panels, and recall panels.

  • MSTest TypeA


    This is memory skill's test(typeA). Remember panels, and recall panels.

  • A国の野望 4




    シンプルな戦略シミュレーションゲームです。 中部日本の 16ヶ国から選んで、ゲームを始めます。 戦闘は自動戦闘です。

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