Mindstorm Studios

  • Coin Party: Carnival Pusher




    The BEST ad-free carnival dozer game *ever* ! (Special Cinco de Mayo Edition) Coin Party puts hours of fun in your hands with an amazing dozer 3D experience. Drop a constant flow of gold coins onto the dozer to push piles of cash and prizes your way. The fun doesn’t end there, as wondrous quests...

  • Nation's Fury




    War Inc. is a modern combat military game of skill and world domination! Command your army to glory in this epic war game! Deploy powerful towers, create an advanced military force, and conquer your enemies as you clash in battle against thousands of players! In War Inc., you build an army of...

  • Kingdom of Heroes




    ★★★★★ An Epic Kingdom under your rule; Legendary Heroes with untold power at your command; a people awaiting their King! Create your Kingdom, recruit Heroes to your cause, and champion your army to defeat your foes! Kingdom of Heroes is a social, world building, heroes questing game in which you...

  • Mafia Farm!




    Farm your way to Mafia glory, build the most AWESOME base, collect RARE vehicles and buildings, and grow your reputation as you farm, fight, and do jobs in Mafia Farm! MAFIA FARM IS PACKED WITH AWESOME FEATURES: ______________________________ - Massively Multiplayer ONLINE Mafia and Farming...

  • Flappy Fins




    WARNING: INSANELY ADDICTIVE!! Flappy is a happy fish who wants to flap his fins and fly like a bird - help Flappy fly in this awesome arcade hit game! How To Play: ------------------ Tap To Flap! That's it! Can you beat all the levels? How far can you get? Flappy the fish with flying fins...

  • Pic the Word!




    Check out everyone's favorite new game - What's that word? Can you guess it? Word puzzling fun for everyone! Each puzzle has 4 pics that we show you with 1 word in common between them - can you guess what it is? Check out this simple amazing addictive new game that everyone's talking...

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