MiNi Group

  • TV Guide




    TV Guide is the easiest application to check the complete listings of television channels in USA! New: for devices that support the feature is available REMOTE CONTROL *** The application doesn't allow you to view the TV *** You can watch the screenings of the major Italian television...

  • At Work




    With "At Work" you can manage your working hours so simple and straightforward! The application is also available for Android Wear devices (watch). At Work is a simple and appealing application that is designed to simplify your working life. Just one click to record your entry or...

  • Palinsesti Cinema Beta




    Palinsesti Cinema è l'applicazione più semplice e allo stesso tempo completa per consultare i palinsesti dei maggiori cinema italiani! *** L'applicazione non consente di visualizzare direttamente i film *** *** Attualmente l'applicazione è in versione Beta *** Puoi visualizzare la...

  • Actor Quiz




    Guess the name of the actors! With "Actor Quiz" you will have fun guessing famous actors from their photos. Show to everybody your knowledge of cinema. The game has 12 levels, each of which consists of 20 actors to guess. When the game starts you will have only first level, the...

  • Do Nothing Better




    This app does nothing in the best way! Try and see!

  • Choose 4 Me!




    Choose 4 Me! make choices for you! This is a simple and innovative application that helps you choose, at random, a result of a series of possible options. The working is simple and innovative: • Enter all of the choices you want (at least 2) • Press "Choose" or shake the phone •...

  • Alfabeto Farfallino




    La prima applicazione per la traduzione dall'alfabeto farfallino all'italiano e viceversa! L'alfabeto farfallino è un gioco linguistico per bambini (e non solo) che consiste nel raddoppiare ogni vocale con l'aggiunta di una f interposta: per esempio, "a" diventa...

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