• Southern Food Recipes

    Southern Food Recipes




    Southern Fried Recipes brings genuine home cookin to your kitchen. Learn what makes the American South so famous. Learn barbeque, baking, and of course fried recipes that will leave your mouth watering and your family asking for more! Also include is a retro kitchen timer like grandma used to...

  • Soul Food Recipes

    Soul Food Recipes




    Soul Food Recipes is filled with delicious, soulful meals and tasty southern treats. Learn a new way of cooking or just get new recipes for your family dinners. Soul Food Recipes has new recipes added all the time, so its like a cookbook that never gets old. Keywords: Soul Food, Recipes,...

  • Italian Recipes

    Italian Recipes




    The Italian Cookbook brings together great Italian recipes from expert Italian Chefs. Learn what true Italian cooking is, as well constantly updated recipes that will bring the whole family joy. Keywords: Cookbook, Italy, Italian Cooks, Baking, Cooking, Recipes

  • The Daily Gay

    The Daily Gay




    The Gay Daily brings together all of the net's best gay news sources into one simple app. Learn what it going on in the gay community, including politics, famous LGBT celebs, and much more. TAGS: Gay news, LGBT News, gay pride, Pride,

  • Men's Fitness News

    Men's Fitness News




    Get the latest workout routines, diet plans, and much more in this simple app. Men's Fitness Central brings together personal trainers, dietitians, and inspirational people help get you more fit, buff, and healthy. Tags: Weight lighting, Men fitness, health, diet, workout, fitness,

  • Survey Job Finder

    Survey Job Finder




    Find out how to make money taking surveys on the internet. We will keep you up to date with the latest news in getting paid for your opinions! Tags: surveys, money for surveys, work from home, get paid for your opinion.

  • Women's Fashion Advice

    Women's Fashion Advice




    Get fashion advice from experts throughout the industry. Learn tricks and techniques that bring high fashion to the android market. Warning: Don't forget to bring this app with you on all shopping sprees! Tag: Women's Fashion, fashion tips, shoe fashion,

  • Learn Spanish

    Learn Spanish




    Use this app to get a spanish lesson everyday! News, techniques, trends and much more from this helpful app. This app brings together of all the web's best Learning spanish info for easy enjoyment. Tags: spanish language, learn spanish, spanish teacher, spanish language lesson

  • Christian News

    Christian News




    Christian News brings together the web's best Christian news sources. Learn the gospels, become a better Christian, and grow closer with Christ. TAG: Christian News, the lord, Christ, Jesus, Christian, Morality

  • Funny Stuff

    Funny Stuff




    Get to see the funniest stuff on the web right to your Android with the Funny Stuff app. The funniest and most ridiculous videos and pictures the web has to offer. keywords: red necks, walmart, funny pictures, ebaums world, stupid people, funny sports pictures

  • Dog Training News

    Dog Training News




    Get the latest techniques, discussions, news and much more in this simple app for Dog Lovers! Dog Training News brings together trainers, experts, and dog enthusiasts to help get your dog fitter, healthier, and happier. Tags: dogs, mutts, dog training, dog lovers, best friend

  • Penny Stock News

    Penny Stock News




    Get the latest Penny Stock news, techniques, trends and much more from this helpful app. This app brings together of all the web's best Penny Stock info for easy enjoyment. Tags: stock trading, penny stocks, make money, internet penny stocks

  • Vegan Recipes

    Vegan Recipes




    Get the latest Vegan recipes, news, and much more in this simple app. Vegan Mash brings together Chefs, Dietitions, and inspirational news to keep you happy and living at your best! Keywords: vegan recipes, vegan, vegetarian, vegan food

  • Vegetarian Recipes

    Vegetarian Recipes




    Vegetarian Recipes brings healthy, light, and nutritious vegetarian meals into one simple app. Updated daily, find what you will make tonight for dinner. BTW, this is a meat free zone! Keywords: vegetarian, vegan, healthy, diet, food, cooking,

  • Healthy Living

    Healthy Living




    Healthy Living brings you the best natural and holistic advice from around the web. Learn natural approached to your diet, alternative medicine, and holistic remedies, that will help to live a more natural life Keywords: Natural, Food, Holistic, Healthy,

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