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  • Baking Recipes FREE

    Baking Recipes FREE




    Baking Recipes brings the web's best dessert recipes to your hand. Learn delicious and tasty dishes to serve at your next get together, including amazing recipes for awesome cookies, cakes, and much more! Also include is a retro kitchen timer to help you not burn the cookies this time;-)...

  • Celebrity Gossip News

    Celebrity Gossip News




    Get the web's juiciest gossip all in one simple app. Learn the most up to date celebrity news before your friends and get the latest on hot celeb topics. TAGS: Celebrity Gossip, Celebs, Celeb, Hollywood News

  • Indian Recipes

    Indian Recipes




    Get the interesting, progressive, and delicious Indian recipes and much more in this simple app. Indian Recipes brings together Chefs, Dietitions, and inspirational news to keep cooking Indian that will wow your family and friends. Keywords: indian recipes, vegan, vegetarian, vegan food, indian...

  • Retro Kitchen Timer

    Retro Kitchen Timer


    The Retro Kitchen Timer is a digital recreation of the kitchen timer that your mother used. Turn the dial to set the timer and let the cookies bake while you have a cocktail (just like your mother did)! Also, use the recipe rss feed to discover new delicious recipes and then share them with your...

  • Mexican Recipes

    Mexican Recipes




    Mexican Recipes offers a variety of authentic recipes from expert Mexican chefs. With new recipes added all the time, this app is like a cookbook that never gets old. Keywords: Mexican Food, Cooking, Cookbook, Latin Food, Tacos, Burritos,

  • FREE French Recipes

    FREE French Recipes




    Get interesting, progressive, and delicious French Recipes and much more in this simple app. French Recipes brings together Chefs, Dietitions, and inspirational news to keep cooking Greek food that will wow your family and friends. keywords: french food, french recipes, authentic french food,...

  • Cute Animals!

    Cute Animals!


    Get the cutest animals delivered to your phone everyday! Adorable little angels you can't help, but love. if you are having a bad day, this app will put a smile on your face :) keywords: cats, dogs, animals, cute pictures, cute animals, angels

  • International Recipes! FREE

    International Recipes! FREE




    International Recipes brings food from across the globe. Learn amazing and delicious recipes while diversifying your menu. Keywords: Recipes, Cookbook, International Cuisine, Cooking,

  • New Mommy

    New Mommy




    Get advice from multiple parenting experts. Learn what to expect when you're expecting, newborn tips and tricks, and how to deal with unruly toddlers. Tags: parenting, toddlers, newborns, parent advice

  • Healthy Chef Recipes

    Healthy Chef Recipes




    Get the latest healthy recipes the world has to offer. Also receive ways to stay fit, strong, and feeling great. Follow the advice in this simple app and become a healthier person each and every day. Tags: diet, health food, health, good,

  • Caveman Diet Recipes! FREE

    Caveman Diet Recipes! FREE




    The CrossFit Diet Recipes is all about the Caveman approved diet - Paleo!!!! This app is your source for the latest and most delicious Paleo recipes. With weekly updates you can look forward to weight loss, increased energy, and better WOD times. keywords: caveman diet, paleo diet, paleo...

  • Paleo Diet Recipes

    Paleo Diet Recipes




    The Paleo Cookbook is your source for the latest and most delicious Paleo Diet recipes. With daily updates you can look forward to weight loss, increased energy, and physical harmony. keywords: paleo diet, paleo, paleolithic diet, the original human diet, paleo recipes, paleo cookbook

  • Extreme Men's Fitness

    Extreme Men's Fitness




    Extreme Men's Fitness is a fitness app for the A-Type men that are in to extreme results. We give you the techniques, diet, and latest exercises to get shredded at the next level. keywords: hard workouts, mens workouts, extreme fitness, crazy fitness workouts

  • Women's Dating Advice

    Women's Dating Advice




    Women's Dating Advice gives you expert info and tips to help attract your ideal mate. Learn what and what not to do on a first date, how to make a relationship fresh, and much more. Keywords: love, dating, single, marriage

  • Women's Fitness News

    Women's Fitness News




    Get the latest workout routines, diet plans, and much more in this simple app. Womens Fitness Central brings together personal trainers, dietitians, book reviews, and inspirational woman to help get you fitter, healthier, and happier. Tags: Woman, Women, health, diet, workout, fitness,

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