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  • English Letters




    If you are getting difficult in Writing English Letters or eMails, this app will help you. With 1000+ English Letter Templates, you can practice Writing English effectively. Features: - Searchable list of thousands of English Mail Templates. - Bookmark letters you like and manage them. - Letter...

  • English Grammar Handbook




    If you are looking for a powerful book of English grammar, this app is for you. "English Grammar Handbook" contains everything about English Grammar including thousands of helpful examples. Features: - Searchable List of Grammar Topics. - Bookmark Topics you like. - Table of most...

  • English Idioms and Phrases




    This app will help you learn Idioms and Phrases in English very easily and effectively. We have more than 3500 essential English Idioms and Phrasal Verbs collected and refined from many documents and resources. Quiz feature will help you remember phrases perfectly. It's very easy to use....

  • Speak English Fluently




    If you are looking for an app to improve your English Conversation skill and help you speak English more fluently, this app is suitable for you. You can listen to English conversations with normal or slow speed. This app also includes the list of most common words and phrases in English used in...

  • English for kids




    This free app is very useful for your kids who need to improve English ability. You can let your kids learn English with hundreds of vocabularies with images and pronunciation. It's very easy to use with simple and powerful interface.

  • English Listening and Speaking




    This helpful app will help you listen to English and speak English more fluently. There are many lessons divided into 6 levels from elementary to advanced. You can choose one of two audio modes: Online Streaming and Offline to learn English. This app also includes the list of necessary English...

  • English Grammar Test




    This "English Grammar Test" app is designed to help you improve your English Grammar ability. With more than 15000 English quiz including every aspect of English grammar, this app is very useful for every English learner to get English Grammar skill better. Currently we have 15000+...

  • TOEIC Vocabulary




    This helpful app can be used to improve your TOEIC Vocabulary capability. With more than 3400 questions about finding word meaning, and 600 essential TOEIC words (including Quiz also) you can learn TOEIC and English effectively. Features: - TOEIC Vocabulary Test categorized into 342 levels. -...

  • Bible




    This app contains full content of Bible including World English Version and King James Version. You can switch between these two versions on reading and listening. With the clear lists of Old Testament and New Testament, you are able to search, read, listen to and share God's verses to your...

  • English Test - Grammar




    This powerful app is designed to help you improve your English Grammar and Vocabulary ability. With more than 10000 English questions grouping in many English grammar topics, it's very useful for every English learner to get English Grammar skill and Vocabulary capability better. This app is...

  • English Quotes




    With 18000+ famous quotes and sayings from 5000+ authors, "English Quotes" app will help you improve English reading ability and expand your vocabularies. These are really inspiring quotes covering every aspects of life. Features: - Quotes lookup: search through the whole 18000+ quotes...

  • English Vocabulary Builder




    Enlarge your English vocabularies with this free word search game. If you like fruits, this game is very ideal for you. Play and relax :) Features: - Free Play: Find English words without any limits. - Time Mode: Random characters will fall down your fruit collection for each 10 seconds. -...

  • Number Drop




    Improve your calculation skill with this free and challenging game. Gameplay is very simple. Your mission is to solve each calculus in 10 seconds. If you miss, some numeric objects will fall down. Features: - Basic Mode: number values Between 0 and 9 - Hard Mode: not limited number values.

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