• Wireless Battery Charger

    Wireless Battery Charger




    Charge your smartphone with the power of the electromagnetic field! Utilize electromagnetic fields from your surroundings. Just start Wireless Battery Charger app, press start charge button and your phone will use nearby electromagnetic fields to fully recharge battery. Did you know that every...

  • Body Naked Scanner

    Body Naked Scanner




    HAVE YOU EVER WANTED TO SEE YOUR FRIENDS NAKED??? Prank your friends that you can see through their clothes!! You can select different body type scanning! REALISTIC woman's and man's body! This application doesn't use real x-ray scan! It is a prank app using acceleration sensor on...

  • Cracked iPhone 4S

    Cracked iPhone 4S




    ★★ The legendary iPhone prank with over 900,000 downloads ★★ Crack iPhone 4S on your Android Phone right now! You don't have to buy an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 phone to crack it and destroy it!. Cracked iPhone 4S app allows you to crack and destroy iPhone 4S Screen and to share cracked images...

  • Hair Cut Free

    Hair Cut Free




    Turn your Android phone into haircut Scissors!! Simply press on scissors to cut! Impress your friends with virtual scissors app. Prank your friends that you can cut their hair! - Realistic Sound - Nice Graphics WARNING: This is silly joke app , so it is only for fun and entertainment. Before...

  • Eye Scanner Free

    Eye Scanner Free




    The best Eye Scanner app for Android! Scan your Eyes and get your results!. Share the results with your friends. Scan eyes of your friends and find out incredible things! Have fun. * Easy to use, just move your phone close to your eye and push START button. * Share the results with Facebook,...

  • Amazing Karaoke

    Amazing Karaoke




    Enjoy most awesome karaoke songs on your android phone!. Thousands of karaoke songs and videos!! Put your smile again with Amazing Karaoke!!! - More than thousands most popular Karaoke videos of all time - Enjoy new song videos added weekly. Test your singing skills. Learn most popular...

  • GPS Phone Tracker

    GPS Phone Tracker




    Locate anybody anywhere in the world by simply entering their phone number!!! This is FREE version of a funny joke. Locate friends and people with GPS Phone Tracker FREE simply by using their phone number!! Impress friends and family members with this app. Fun guaranteed!

  • Photo Crack PRANK!

    Photo Crack PRANK!




    Put Amazing Photo effects to your photos! Add cracked effects to photos in your gallery or directly to phone camera! Different types of cracked screen effects can be added. Prank your friends with this amazing effects! Add cracks to your friends car photos or destroy TV , possibilities are...

  • Amazing Whistle HD (3 in 1)

    Amazing Whistle HD (3 in 1)




    ★★★ Dog Whistle , Cat Whistle and Mosquito Repellent in a Single App ★★★ ★★★ 3 in 1! ★★★ - Put you dog under control with Amazing Whistle HD ! - Control your CAT with Amazing Whistle HD ! - Get Rid of Mosquitoes with unique high frequency sound! A dog whistle...

  • Galaxy S3 Touch

    Galaxy S3 Touch




    Experience magic touch on your android phone! Dandelion effects. Get Galaxy S3 Dandelion on your devices! To keep this app 100% free, this application uses notification ads. This app is for entertainment purposes only.

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