Mirko Schenk

  • MortNotes




    While everything looks pretty stable already, this app is still pretty young, so some bugs might still come up. MortNotes is a (hopefully) simple app to manage short notes and check lists. It's a bit like Google Keep, if you know that. So, if there's Keep, why another app? Because it...

  • MortRing




    A pretty simple app to assign ringtones to contacts. No bloated contact manager, no bells and whistles, just a simple list of contacts and assigned ringtones. Tap a contact to assign a different ringtone or SMS sound. That's all. (Uses Android's ringtone/notification sound selection. No...

  • MortPlayer Widgets




    Home Screen Widgets for MortPlayer Music and Audio Books. If both are installed and none is running, you can select which player to initialize. ATTENTION: Although it shouldn't be allowed (there's an "information file" included in every app), some ROMs/devices might install...

  • MortNotifier




    This app allows you to schedule notifications whenever you like. While I'm aware some of it can be done with e.g. the calendar, this tool allows a bit more without cluttering your calendar schedule. Please note it's a quite new app, so while everything worked fine in my tests, bugs might...

  • MortPlayer Music




    Simple to use music player for all those who prefer folder structure over tags. (You want your mix folder, not separated by artists, right?). Home screen Widgets in separate download "MortPlayer Widgets" Want to fix or add a translation? Go to...

  • MortPlayer Audio Books




    Special media player for audio books. Separate folders, save+restore position for every track, bookmarks, ... Home screen Widgets as separate download "MortPlayer Widgets". Also check "MortPlayer Music", which is optimized for music playback, e.g. with several shuffle and...

  • Donation for my apps




    This app doesn't do anything! (Except disabling the ads in MortPlayer - but you can do that in preferences as well) It's just to donate me some money if you like my apps. If you want, you can uninstall it after the evaluation period (currently 15 Minutes).

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