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Do not you want to print on your Android? You can use this app with the following. -Such as commemorative photo, you can print immediately run to take. -As well as when you are circulating at work, you can print to a printer company on the spot. This app is using 'Google Cloud Print'(GCP below), Before you can use the app, Please set up t…

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Mini Calc

This application is a calculator with basic computing functions. However, it is not a mere calculator app. Can not be manipulated, but it is usually only one app, This app can also operate other apps. And to calculate the net while, I count it while writing an email. I can use a calculator in a variety of scenes that can be operated simultaneously…

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Pianist FREE

Do not you think it can play freely and cool the piano? I can not play the piano at home. . . I don't I music classroom now. . . Only at such time, please practice using this app. Good luck if you practice, I might be popping them. You can use the same 88-key piano in general. Since there are 128-color tone, please tap on the keyboard to sel…

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SD' Browser FREE

Dear Smart phone users. SD card security how is it? This app will have the ability to encrypt files on the SD card. Keeping the files that use encryption such as at work, the files that you do not want others to see, let's send a Smart phone life peace of mind! Feature List: • Collaboration and application (such as a mail attachment viewing) •…

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Will you have more than one account? I no longer remember the account will increase. Anxiety is a security If you leave all the same account name and password and notes. At that time, this app can help. Since the mushroom is available, you will be able to enter the account / password easily with one hand. It is safe because the data is all stored e…

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It is an application of the order to monitor the smartphone camera easily. Finder of the camera does not appear. Shutter sound does not sound. Screen even when the state is OFF, I will continue to take a picture. If only this application, the location of the photograph DCIM / It becomes. By installing the pl…

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Dungeons Master

This app is a maze game. Please try playing around killing time. sound:maoudamashii(

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#Home Memo FREE

This app is simple Sticky Notes. Please use the home screen and paste it into the memo. Feature List: • Text editing • Change the text color • Change background color • Change text size Edit color, there are eight basic colors colors. Other colors, please select by HSV.

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this app is webdav server. available method: 1. PROPFIND 2. GET

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The CurlyViewPager is the View that was replaced by the effect of turning the pages of the scroll of ViewPager. This app is displaying the image of the gallery using CurlyViewPager. Please try to flip through. Source code URL:

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