• Call U Later




    "Call U Later" answers your calls while you can't: when you are driving on the road, in a meeting, or simply just need some peace of mind. Features: 1. On The Road Mode: Before you go, you can set the destination for your trip, and a group of people whom you wish to send your...

  • File Manager




    File Manager allows you to browser your SD card, create folder, copy and post file. Features: * Browse files * Install apps: APK files * Create ZIP * Create, rename and delete files and folders * Cut, copy and paste files and folders * Open files with an external application (Music, Video,...

  • Contacts Backup




    This app helps you to copy your phone contacts to a GSM SIM card. * Does not work on CDMA phones. * Not working ? Try AIRPLANE MODE on/off, and relaunch the app.

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