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  • Anti Theft Alarm

    Anti Theft Alarm




    Do you usually leave your phone unattended at home or while charging it in public places? If you do so, you have to try this app. With this alarm you can keep doing it with no worries. "Anti Theft Alarm" will keep your phone safe from nosy people and burglars. Once you activate the...

  • 5.0





    Mirror launches your front camera view to use it as a mirror

  • Champion Cup Goal

    Champion Cup Goal




    Do you want your national football team be the winner of the world champion cup? Play this fantastic football game, choose your team and your rival, dribble, dodge the opposing players and score the maximum of goals. Raise your team to the top of the ranking and sink your rival to hell by...

  • 7.0
    Ideal Weight (BMI)

    Ideal Weight (BMI)




    Calculate your BMI easy and learn your ideal weight range

  • Magnifier





    Are you tired of trying to read some labels with small fonts? Now you can use your android device as the perfect digital magnifier. There is not need to take a magnifying glass when reading small labels, with this app you will see the text big and clear. Magnifier has onscreen zoom and...

  • Makeup Mirror

    Makeup Mirror




    Turn your phone into the best pocket mirror! Do you need to check your look or maybe put on makeup? You forgot your pocket mirror? Now with MakeUp Mirror in your phone, you won't need it anymore! MakeUp Mirror is the best solution to use your phone as a mirror. Try it now! Key features: -...

  • Discount Calculator

    Discount Calculator




    Download this app now and calculate easily the final price of a product with discount. With this app when you go shopping you won't have to ask for the discounted price or calculate it. You only will have to enter the discount and sale price, and the app will show you the price after...

  • Reject & Callback

    Reject & Callback




    Do you have a plan with free calls or some numbers to call for free? Do you reject some incoming calls to make the call using your free calls plan? Reject & Call is the perfect app for people with free calls plan or free calls numbers. With this app you can reject a call and make the call...

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