Mnstrapps Developer

  • Cowboys Duel


    This game for one or two people is all about the time of reaction. Two shooters, one countdown timer with random delay, one cowboy staying alive. Try to compete with your friend or with your phone and find out who the quickest shooter.

  • Censored




    Simple and small app which help you to put some black bricks on your photos. Hide what you don't want to show. Easy to use.

  • PicStamp - Instagram watermark




    PicStamp is an easy and simple app to apply watermarks to your Instagram photos or ones from your gallery or camera! You can protect your photos with a text watermark or your logo image watermark! How to add watermark on your picture: 1. Upload a photo from Instagram, gallery or take it with...

  • Спаси Рубль




    Не дай Рублю упасть. Экономику колбасит? Курс растет вверх? В банкоматах не выдают валюту? Ничего страшного. В этой игре ты сам отвечаешь за падение рубля. Набери как можно больше очков. Будь...

  • Heads or Tails - Coin Flip




    Simple and lightweight game to flip a coin. It helps you to make a decision when you don't know what answer to choose. Super random side view. Tap a screen to flip a coin! You can see the statisitic of heads or tails in the left top side of your screen. Enjoy!

  • InstanTrend - instagram trends




    This appllication allows you to see whats popular in instagram in different cathegories - cars, pets, art etc. To start using it you just need to install it to your device. You don't have to use your instagram account. Easy to save it to you device.

  • PhoToGif - gif maker




    This simple app helps you to make gif images from pics from your gallery/camera or straight from your instagram account. Easy to use. Lightweight. Creating Gif images was never so simple before!

  • PhoToVid - Instagram slideshow




    Simple and small app that can make a video flow from you instagram or gallery photos. Make slideshow and share it with your instagram friends. Friendly interface Extremely easy in use. Helps to impress your subscribers - there was no slideshow ability in instagram before!

  • Space Pace Arcade Game




    Tap to left or right side of a screen to move Jury and avoid meteorites. Find a path through space and gain max score possible. Simple and easy gameplay. Perfect time killer.

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