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  • Censored




    Simple and small app which help you to put some black bricks on your photos. Hide what you don't want to show. Easy to use.

  • PicStamp - Instagram watermark




    PicStamp is an easy and simple app to apply watermarks to your Instagram photos or ones from your gallery or camera! You can protect your photos with a text watermark or your logo image watermark! How to add watermark on your picture: 1. Upload a photo from Instagram, gallery or take it with...

  • Спаси Рубль




    Не дай Рублю упасть. Экономику колбасит? Курс растет вверх? В банкоматах не выдают валюту? Ничего страшного. В этой игре ты сам отвечаешь за падение рубля. Набери как можно больше очков. Будь...

  • Heads or Tails - Coin Flip




    Simple and lightweight game to flip a coin. It helps you to make a decision when you don't know what answer to choose. Super random side view. Tap a screen to flip a coin! You can see the statisitic of heads or tails in the left top side of your screen. Enjoy!

  • InstanTrend - instagram trends




    This appllication allows you to see whats popular in instagram in different cathegories - cars, pets, art etc. To start using it you just need to install it to your device. You don't have to use your instagram account. Easy to save it to you device.

  • PhoToGif - gif maker




    This simple app helps you to make gif images from pics from your gallery/camera or straight from your instagram account. Easy to use. Lightweight. Creating Gif images was never so simple before!

  • PhoToVid - Instagram slideshow




    Simple and small app that can make a video flow from you instagram or gallery photos. Make slideshow and share it with your instagram friends. Friendly interface Extremely easy in use. Helps to impress your subscribers - there was no slideshow ability in instagram before!

  • Space Pace Arcade Game




    Tap to left or right side of a screen to move Jury and avoid meteorites. Find a path through space and gain max score possible. Simple and easy gameplay. Perfect time killer.

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