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    Who Becomes Rich (Trivia Quiz)




    Who becomes rich is a multiple-choice quiz game quite similar to "Who want to be a millionaire?"

  • Buddyquiz (Multiplayer Quiz)




    Die neue App der Entwickler von Wer Wird Reich Teste dein Allgemeinwissen und spiele live und direkt gegen deine Freunde und Freundes Freunde im Multiplayer Modus! ► spiele gegen 8 Buddies gleichzeitig, live! ► zeige den Anderen wie gut du bist! ► verwende die Joker geschickt (Interaktion)! ►...

  • Jumping Stones (logic)




    Jumping Stones is a puzzle game that is inspired by the board game Solitaire. The player moves fun little stones across the board. With each move one or more adjacent stones can be jumped over. This causes the stones to disappear. The aim of the game is to have only one stone left on your...

  • Who Becomes Rich (Български)




    "Who Becomes Rich" е класическа въросна игра (викторина) с любопитни факти. Кото помощ са дадени четири отговора, от които само един е правилен. "Who Becomes Rich" е подобна на много телевизионни състезания (на пример "Стани богат"). Това е една игра, която ще тества...

  • Who Becomes Rich (ad-free)




    "Who becomes rich" is a classical multiplechoice trivia quiz game, where you have to answer questions like you know it from TV Quizshows. You can choose between three lifelines. This is a game that will test your trivial knowledge and education. You can also compete with your friends...

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