• Mobidiom Prêt (Loan)


    The application Mobidiom.Prêt works on different platforms in the way presented in this paper to simulate one or several loans. Specifically for mobile, this application meets the following functions : - Simulation one or more loans. - Back up one or several loans. You can send us your...

  • Planète en Fête


    "Planète en Fête" is a major annual event in Mayenne (53, France) dedicated to protection of the environment. It talks about: the environment, organic agriculture, sustainable development, healthy living, energy renewable, health, fair trade. This application offers all the information...

  • Mobidiom Devises




    Mobidiom.Devises Application works on different platforms to display currencies in real time. This application performs more precisely the following functions : value conversion from a selected currency into the target currency. You can send us your comments or requests for improvements....

  • Mobidiom Informations


    Mobidiom.Informations is a simple connection with our users, to retrieve basic information from the device used. You can send us your comments or requests for improvements. Mobidiom is an IT services company, based editing software with a major mobileservices backed and custom developments....

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