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  • Kung-Fu for Four Seasons

    Kung-Fu for Four Seasons


    Follow the path of ancient Chinese traditions and discover a unique way to strengthen your body while gaining increased mental and spiritual focus. Use graphics throughout the app to learn the basics, forms, and styles. Search by keyword or browse by subject. Bookmark and share your favorites...

  • Dracula Audio and ebook Bundle

    Dracula Audio and ebook Bundle


    Get sucked in with the brand new Dracula mobile app! Adapted from the first (and perhaps best) version of the tale of Dracula, this app gives you the chance to experience this vampiric story in the age of electronics. Read through the story or skip around to your favorite parts with just a...

  • Margaritas, Martinis and More!

    Margaritas, Martinis and More!


    "Discover the art of the cocktail! Modern Mixologist takes an entertaining and informative look at modern-day cocktails, featuring spirits and ingredients available to today's Mixologist. Tony Abou-Ganim, professional barman and winner of the Iron Chef America competition with Mario...

  • The Ultimate Career Coach

    The Ultimate Career Coach


    The Ultimate Career Coach is a mobile guide to getting to the top at work, and staying there. Packed with advice to help you achieve career success and enjoy your work, The Ultimate Career Coach covers everything a career-minded professional needs to know about getting ahead at work. Features:...

  • Pass Your Exams

    Pass Your Exams


    Pass your exams offers insider information needed for exam success from the perspective of a committed life-long learner. This mobile app reveals 52 brilliant ways to motivate yourself for success and gain the confidence to ensure that your hard work pays off on the big day. Features:...

  • Love Your Job

    Love Your Job


    Love your job is a collection of techniques that will bring you success at work. It brings together some of the greatest ideas on careers from self-help classics: Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, Benjamin Franklin’s The Way to Wealth, and George S. Clason’s The Richest Man in Babylon....

  • All-Star Sports Trivia Deluxe

    All-Star Sports Trivia Deluxe




    From the grass of the soccer turf to the ice of the hockey rink, this trivia game will test your knowledge of all the most popular sports. Challenge yourself today with hundreds of fun and interesting sports trivia factoids in this entertaining and informative game! Keywords:football, soccer,...

  • Sort out your Money

    Sort out your Money


    Sort out your money contains practical, easy-to-implement advice. Here are the 25 superb ideas consumers and investors – all of us – have to implement now to survive the economic downturn. Features: *Navigational display with rich media experience *User-friendly, intuitive interaction *Share...

  • Name that Movie Deluxe

    Name that Movie Deluxe




    Which movie was the first ever to receive an Academy Award for Best Picture? From the classic films of the 1940s to the biggest blockbuster hits of today, test your knowledge of the unforgettable actors, quotes, and storylines of Hollywood’s hottest movies. Download and play today!...

  • Successful Time Management....

    Successful Time Management....


    The ability to make the most of your time is crucial to anyone who wants to advance their career. Created by a leading expert on time management whose advice has helped hundreds of thousands of people, this app quickly teaches you the insider secrets you need to know to in order to manage your...

  • Think and Grow Rich

    Think and Grow Rich


    In Think and Grow Rich, Hill explained the thirteen simple steps in his formula for success and by understanding them to change your life. The original version of Think and Grow Rich is a classic containing advice on everything from making your first million to leadership excellence. Features:...

  • Pop! TV Show Trivia Deluxe

    Pop! TV Show Trivia Deluxe




    From Seinfeld to Simpsons, Big Bang Theory to How I Met Your Mother, TV shows make every day more enjoyable. Challenge your knowledge of popular TV shows with this collection of hundreds of fun and challenging trivia questions! Download today and play on your mobile device wherever you go!...

  • Parenting Under 5s

    Parenting Under 5s


    Parenting under 5s cuts straight to the heart of the matter. With insider shortcuts and secrets garnered from personal and professional experience we reveal how everyone can be better parents and ensure their under 5s have the best possible start in life. Features: *Navigational display with...

  • Plan your Dream Wedding

    Plan your Dream Wedding


    Plan your dream wedding is the indispensable guide to taking control of the run-away horse that a wedding can be so you have the day you've always dreamed of. Packed with simple and effective advice, Plan your dream wedding will help you get everything just right for you big day. Features:...

  • Name that Song Deluxe!

    Name that Song Deluxe!




    Whether you love pop music or rock n roll, country music or rap, this trivia game has it all! Challenge your music knowledge with hundreds of questions on artists, songs, awards, and more! Enjoy today! Keywords:music, trivia, quiz, song, name, artist, game, fun

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