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  • Great Work Great Career

    Great Work Great Career




    **The Official, Authorized Version of Stephen R. Covey’s Great Work Great Career** From the great mind of Stephen Covey, author of “7 Habits for Highly Effective People”, this app contains advice and guidance on making smart moves and getting to that next step in your career. Features: -...

  • Creative Visualization Deck

    Creative Visualization Deck




    The content in this app, which helped launch a movement, has been successfully used in the fields of health, education, business, sports, and creative arts for many years. “I do believe, and I have seen in my own life, that Creative Visualization works.” – Oprah Winfrey Spiritual guru and life...

  • Eckhart Tolle Stillness Speaks

    Eckhart Tolle Stillness Speaks




    **The Official, Authorized Version of Eckhart Tolle’s Stillness Speaks** In Stillness Speaks, Eckhart Tolle illuminates the fundamental elements of his teaching, addressing the needs of the modern seeker by drawing from all spiritual traditions. Stillness Speaks takes the form of 200 individual...

  • Eckhart Tolle New Earth Deck

    Eckhart Tolle New Earth Deck




    The spiritual wisdom of Eckhart Tolle in an easy-to-read card deck format. Pick one each day to guide you on a path of contemplation and inspiration, all from your mobile device. “Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” ― Eckhart Tolle In this New Earth Card Deck,...

  • 8th Habit: Effective... Audio

    8th Habit: Effective... Audio


    **The Official, Authorized Version of Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People** Enjoy Stephen R. Covey’s “The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness” in both text and audiobook format on your mobile device! The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People was just the beginning –...

  • Career Chronicles

    Career Chronicles


    "A comprehensive career guide ... Offers a candid view of what it’s really like to work in fields from engineering to health care. More than 750 professionals confess the best, worst and most surprising parts of their jobs, giving graduates an insider’s view before they start their own...

  • Eckhart Tolle Stillness..Audio

    Eckhart Tolle Stillness..Audio


    **The Official, Authorized Version of Eckhart Tolle’s Stillness Speaks** Enjoy the wisdom and insights of Eckhart Tolle in both text and audiobook formats in one easy to use app! In Stillness Speaks, Eckhart Tolle illuminates the fundamental elements of his teaching, addressing the needs of the...

  • Apocrypha KJV

    Apocrypha KJV




    Published in 1611, the King James Version was the first English translation of note and is widely popular with traditionalists. The Apocrypha ('hidden things') were not officially accepted as part of the Bible when the Hebrew 'canon' was set. They did, however, form part of the...

  • Bartender's Bible

    Bartender's Bible




    **The Authentic, Original, Comprehensive Collection of Bartending Recipes” Nearly 25,000 different drink recipes make this mobile App the ultimate resource for all, from the beginning bartender to the premier mixologist and everyone in between. Learn how to set up a legitimate bar; master...

  • Native American Wisdom Deck

    Native American Wisdom Deck


    Some wisdom and insights are timeless - like those of Native American leaders over the ages. This collection of Native American wisdom features the thoughts of Chief Joseph, Sitting Bull, Black Elk, Ohiyesa, and others on Native American ways of living, learning, and dying. Open your mind to...

  • Vegetarian Cookbook

    Vegetarian Cookbook


    Enjoy over 200 vegetarian recipes from breakfast to dinner and everything in between! “Easily my favorite vegetarian recipe collection – no having to sort through thousands of meat recipes just to find recipes like these. Very handy app.” –A.Singhania Studies show that there are tremendous...

  • Habit 5: Empathic... w/ Video

    Habit 5: Empathic... w/ Video


    **The Official, Authorized Version of Stephen Covey's Habit 5: Emphatic Listening** - now with Audio and Video! In "Habit 5: Empathic Listening: The Key To Communication," Stephen R. Covey explores the idea of communication as mutual understanding. Using what Covey calls Empathic...

  • King James Bible

    King James Bible


    “Having the King James Bible with me wherever I go is truly a Godsend! Through daily trials and tribulations, this Bible app is always there for me when I need it. God Bless You!” – M.Norris Download today and have the King James Bible at your fingertips. Carry the Bible with you wherever you...

  • Biblia Santa La Reina Valera

    Biblia Santa La Reina Valera




    Esta version completa de la Santa Biblia tiene ambos testamentos con todo escrito en espanol! Con busqueda rapida y la informacion bien formada, la aplicacion esta disfrutable. Lee la palabra de Dios y encuentrase con paz donde sea, en cualquier momento del dia. App Features: - Unique tiled...

  • Spanish Phrases

    Spanish Phrases




    Today there are more than 50 million Hispanics living in the United States, and experts predict that the US will become the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world by 2030. Whether you’re planning a trip, studying in school, or learning Spanish to strengthen your job prospects, the Spanish...

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