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Astral Projection

Access to the Astral Plane was once a well guarded secret in ancient Egyptian culture, made available only to the powerful elite through elaborate rituals. Even when information of the Astral Realm became available, however, years of mental training was often required. People studied for years with no results. Though they desperately trained, th…

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Deep Sleep 10X

There are several stages of sleep that people pass through in the course of a good restful night. In each stage our sleep gets deeper, our bodies gets more relaxed, and our brainwave patterns slow down. The deepest and most rejuvenating levels of sleep are associated with delta brainwave patterns. Delta sleep is the most physically relaxed stage o…

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Download ADD/ADHD Help ADD/ADHD Help icon

How does ADD/ADHD Help work? This session is design to speed up the brain and act like a “mental workout”, increasing electrical activity and blood flow to the brain, speeding it up, even promoting new dendrite and synapse growth. Research shows that speeding up the brain is highly effective in treating ADD/ADHD. This session can greatly increas…

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Aura Viewing

What if you had the ability to tell if a person was good or evil long before they ever opened their mouths? All electronic devices are surrounded by an electromagnetic field, and human beings whose nervous systems rely on electrical impulses are no exception. These electrical impulses betray important information about our nature to those with th…

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Astral Travel

stral travel is one of the most profound awakening experiences you can have.But for most people developing this natural ability requires a specific mindset,a revised set of beliefs and regular practice. Astral Travel is designed to imprint your subconscious with the ideal mindset for out-of-body experiences—making it easier for you to travel beyon…

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Download Pure Focus Pure Focus icon
Pure Focus

Boosting your Gamma wave activity will enhance all of your senses and your perception of reality; you will become more aware of your own thought processes, and in effect be better able to control any negative emotions, fears, or impulses. Higher Gamma activity also works as a natural anti-depressant, boosting your mood, empathy, and compassion. Pur…

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Schumann Meditation

Stimulate the Schumann frequency and increase blood flow to the brain. Do you wish you could increase your mental acuity and sharpen your focus? Would you like to have increased energy levels and better concentration? Do you want to achieve the same meditative states practiced by Zen meditators? Would you like to reap the many mental and physic…

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Download Chakra Opening Chakra Opening icon
Chakra Opening

Chakra Stimulation is an ancient art used by Practitioners of Yoga and Meditation experts to heighten spiritual awareness. Spiritual energy is the core of every ability you possess, and Chakras are the factories of this spiritual energy. In several ways, the Chakras are the most important thing to develop. The human nervous system is a network c…

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Download Psychic Psychic icon

Before it was better understood, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) was assumed to be a magical phenomena. Today it is a mysterious, but generally recognized phenomena attributed to senses beyond the five that we understand. ESP allows us to understand and see things that we are unable to otherwise see. It manifests in several different forms. Some…

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Past Life Regression

The writers of the Upanishads of Ancient India swore by it. The Yoga Sutras of Pata'jali dedicated years to the study of Prati-prasav, or "reverse birthing." It has been the subject of books, films, television documentaries, and it has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide who swear by its reality. Past Life Regression…

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