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Download Classic Simon Classic Simon icon
Classic Simon

Test your memory with the original and best 'Simon' style game on the market! More than 4 million downloads with average 4.5 stars rating. Forget the flashy graphics that other versions have, this version keeps it simple and concentrates on perfect gameplay! Features the classic 4 color mode, plus many advanced modes to challenge all ages…

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Download Spirit Level Pro Free Spirit Level Pro Free icon
Spirit Level Pro Free

A FREE (and Ad Free) Spirit Level or Bubble Tool containing full functionality: - Dual direction surface mode with 360 degree bubble - Horizontal and Vertical modes - Hands free mode with audio - Calibration to suit all devices. Don't forget to calibrate your device to ensure accuracy - many devices will not be automatically correct. Once…

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Download Journey Tracker Journey Tracker icon
Journey Tracker

Record and save your journeys using GPS while out and about. Features: - view saved journeys on Google maps - view altitude graph - export to Google Earth - add markers for points of interest Great for cycling, walking, running, hiking, driving and all forms of transport. Ad-free! Sadly this doesn't work anymore for all devices. Some hardwa…

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Download AirReg AirReg icon

Find aircraft data when you're out plane spotting! AirReg lets you quickly enter an aircraft registration number and view the details of that plane. Great for plane spotters when you haven’t got access to your laptop or PC. Keeps a record of registrations you've looked up for later use. View a photo of your selected plane via planepictur…

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Download My Augmented Reality My Augmented Reality icon
My Augmented Reality

Store locations that you've been to, or intend to go to, that you want to find later. Use the Map view or Augmented Reality (via the phone's camera) to find your saved places later. See the real direction and distance to your location. Works without internet for places off the beaten track. Great for hiking & walking.

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Download NCP Car Park Finder NCP Car Park Finder icon
NCP Car Park Finder

The NCP Car Park Finder is the easy way to find an NCP car park in the UK. You can then plan your route to it, straight from your Android phone. It also remembers where you parked your car and can help you find your way back to it. Benefits: -Free UK car park finder and car locator -Free GPS augmented reality ‘’find my car/where I parked‘’ func…

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Download Where's The Tube? Where's The Tube? icon
Where's The Tube?

Visiting London? Find the nearest tube, wherever you are. - Instantly view the distance and direction to your nearest 3 tubes - List all stations A-Z or by distance - Show nearest tubes to any point on the map - Use Augmented Reality to find your way via the screen

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Download Where's The Subway? Where's The Subway? icon
Where's The Subway?

Visiting New York City? Find the nearest subway station, wherever you are. - Instantly view the distance and direction to your nearest 3 stations - List all stations A-Z or by distance - Show nearest stations to any point on the map - Use Augmented Reality to find your way via the screen

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Download Speedy Hangman Speedy Hangman icon
Speedy Hangman

Classic Hangman, just like the old days! Use the timer to speed up guesses or lose lives quicker. A great quick game for children and adults. Hundreds of words, with a choice of topics: - Capital Cities - Countries - Fish - Fruits - Human Body - Sports - US States - Vegetables - Random Mix v1.2 better audio, no vibrate

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Download iRx iRx icon

iRx is an electronic learning tool for undergraduate and postgraduate healthcare professionals for use on smartphones and tablets. It has been designed to help students develop their knowledge and understanding of how to use medicines safely and effectively. It does this by providing users with the means to record information about key medicines…

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