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    Find aircraft data when you're out plane spotting! AirReg lets you quickly enter an aircraft registration number and view the details of that plane. Great for plane spotters when you haven’t got access to your laptop or PC. Keeps a record of registrations you've looked up for later use. View a photo of your selected plane via planepictur…

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    My Augmented Reality

    Store locations that you've been to, or intend to go to, that you want to find later. Use the Map view or Augmented Reality (via the phone's camera) to find your saved places later. See the real direction and distance to your location. Works without internet for places off the beaten track. Great for hiking & walking.

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    Download Where's The Subway? Where's The Subway? icon
    Where's The Subway?

    Visiting New York City? Find the nearest subway station, wherever you are. - Instantly view the distance and direction to your nearest 3 stations - List all stations A-Z or by distance - Show nearest stations to any point on the map - Use Augmented Reality to find your way via the screen

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    Download Speedy Hangman Speedy Hangman icon
    Speedy Hangman

    Classic Hangman, just like the old days! Use the timer to speed up guesses or lose lives quicker. A great quick game for children and adults. Hundreds of words, with a choice of topics: - Capital Cities - Countries - Fish - Fruits - Human Body - Sports - US States - Vegetables - Random Mix v1.2 better audio, no vibrate

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