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  • Finger



    Jade Simone Comedy presents to you... the "Finger". Download this novelty app and give your friends the virtual finger. Tap the screen to animate the hand, or press and hold to send the finger to your contacts via text or email. More hands and fingers to come. Also check out the...

  • Jade Simone Comedy

    Jade Simone Comedy




    Jade Simone is one of the sexiest comedy acts you will see. This MC host is nationally known and touring, and you will not want to miss her show. Want to know the latest news and updates about Jade Simone and where she's touring? Follow her on facebook and twitter. In the meantime, enjoy...

  • Superstar Strippers

    Superstar Strippers




    Now, for the first time in America, The Sexiest! The Hottest! The Naughtiest Stage Shows and Backstage Action! That's right! This app was designed to give you a tantalizing taste of this sexy video series. On this App, you will get 5 FREE sample show videos, one ring-tone and some hot...

  • Striptease the Show

    Striptease the Show




    Striptease The Show is an ultra sexy and fun topless production that has a dazzling display of elaborate sets and state of the art props. Hosted by and staring the tantalizing Taya Parker, Penthouse Pet of the Year and VH1 Reality TV Superstar. In Striptease, layers and layers are removed...

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