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  • FlashLight




    Using the flash of the camera on your phone to emit light. Note that some devices do not have a camera flash. Effective with simple design, handy. Turn and lighting immediately! Also view camera support so you can easily find the right things in the dark. It's free, try it now!

  • 2048 Halloween




    You have been leisurely feel bored with the numbers in the game in 2048? You are welcome hot hot Halloween is approaching? We are very pleased to bring to the fans of the game in 2048 a completely new version in 2048. It is the 2048 version of Halloween, with this version you will transplant...

  • Secret Notes




    You are who have the habit of keeping a diary every day, or simply recording, photographing, filming or recording a significant event? Notes, photographs were lined pits desk, your locker ^^? Now, the smart mobile devices are well developed and increasingly popular, try thinking of replacing the...

  • Privacy Screen




    A simple application based on a simple idea - a filter screen intensity changes as well as setting filters protect color or image used to prevent others from tracking your screen. A screen filter to reduce the brightness of the screen will not hurt your eyes when you use the phone in the dark....

  • Battery Infomation




    Battery Information is a small, flat design with sleek and elegant app that will help you follow the current battery percentage on your Android device. With Battery Information, every time and everywhere you will know if your battery is charged enough to play a game, a movie, or to browse the...

  • Alarm Clock




    Alarm Clock with a new style of simple, chic design fits on all Android devices from Phone to Tablet. Some basic features of the software include: - Create multiple alarms simultaneously. - Allow setting off the alarm by doing math. - Allow setting off the alarm by entering the image CAPCHA....

  • World Cup 2014 History




    This application lets you follow matchs of World Cup 2014 in Brasil. It brings for you schedule of all matchs of World Cup 2014. Are you a football fan, make sure you do not miss any exciting match any, we bing for you great application with a larm clock to help you. Besides, it also provides a...

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