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  • HandsetApp


  • Save Me




    This is a mind blowing game where you need to save the helicopter to a maximum period of time. There will be enemies to crash your copter and they become more dangerous as game progress. You can move the copter by touching it and the more time you remain uncrashed, the more score you will gain....

  • Big Shopper




    This Android application makes your shopping easy and handy by enabling users to create shopping lists and maintain a master list. Master list is a summary of items purchased in the past. User could pick items from the master list and create a new list for each shopping. Now its time to create...

  • Word Master




    Android application that enables the users to improve their vocabulary. One word will be displayed on the user screen with some characters missing, along with a keypad (not device keypad). User needs to drag and drop the appropriate characters into the missing area from the keypad available in...

  • Medication Tracker




    Forgot to take your medication today? Forgot to refill your medicine stock? Nobody reminded you about all these? You can’t miss medication anymore! Here is an Android application that helps you track medication in your busy schedule. The application alerts the user through vibrator,...

  • Travel Buddy




    Travel Buddy application is to get an alert, when you reach a particular location set by you. Application works with both GPS and GPRS Technology for identifying the location set by the user and alerting through notification, vibrator and sound. Initially when the application starts, buddy will...

  • Market Alert




    Market Alert application will alert you (vibration and notification) when the stock index falls below or goes above your configured values. Goto the settings option to set the threshold values that you want to be alerted of. This works only for India sensex now.

  • Vehicle Adviser




    Vehicle Adviser helps you choose the type of vehicle (petrol or diesel) based on your usage and a set of other parameters. The application uses a smart algorithm based on current fuel price, mileage, monthly usage and price difference of petrol/diesel vehicles, to help you make a wise decision....

  • Cric4Kids




    Cric4Kids (Cricket for kids) is a cricket-based simple game targeted for kids. Instead of throwing a ball, you tap on a ball to reveal the score from that ball.

  • VoiceCart




    VoiceCart application can be handy to anybody who wants to audio record reminder for items, and then play it whenever he/she needs to make use of the recorded items. Core functionalities include: -Record the items to be in the remind-list as audio clips -Play the audio clips one at a time or at a...

  • SIP Calculator




    A small application to compute your savings based on a monthly investment plan. Enter your monthly investment amount, expected return (in %) and the number of years that you plan to invest to compute the target amount. Just move the slider to set the number of years and expected returns.

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