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    my Secure Mail - free email




    Add a layer of security to the e-mails you send and receive

  • my Secure Phone - safe android




    mySecure Phone is an easy-to-use and powerful mobile security platform for Android smartphones. Make private, encrypted phone calls, send encrypted and signed Text / SMS and email messages along with mySecure Mail (, my Secure Mail Exchange Edition...

  • Roomcajs - ewidencja przebiegu




    Aplikacja „Roomcajs – ewidencja przebiegu” umożliwia prowadzenie ewidencji przebiegu pojazdów w celu pełnego odliczenia podatku VAT. Od 1 kwietnia 2014 r. obowiązują nowe przepisy dotyczące możliwości odliczenia podatku VAT od samochodów wykorzystywanych w 100% w celach prowadzonej przez...

  • my Secure Voice - safe calls




    mySecure Voice is an easy-to-use VoIP app for making secure, encrypted phone calls. Along with mySecureMail, mySecureSMS and mySecureBrowser is a member of mySecurePhone family – a world-class apps for securing your communication on Android devices. Now you can check how efficient is securing...

  • my Secure SMS – safe SMS




    my Secure SMS is an easy-to-use Android app for encrypting your SMS Text Messages. Along with my Secure Mail (, my Secure Mail Exchange Edition (, mySecure Voice ( and mySecure Browser ( is a...

  • my Secure Exchange ActiveSync




    This key will unlock the Exchange features in my Secure Mail (E-mail client with S/MIME - cryptographic features) for 2 Android devices. If you want to test Exchange capabilities - try 30 day trial available in free my Secure Mail application. Use this Exchange Active Sync key to get Mails,...

  • 70.Tour de Pologne




    The official mobile application 70.Tour de Pologne 2013 Thanks to the official mobile application 70.Tour de Pologne you will be up to date with everything what is happening on the route of greatest cycling race in Poland! Special features: - news - history of Tour de Pologne and UCI World...

  • my Secure Browser DEMO




    mySecureBrowser - strong authentication web browser ★★★Please note that this is technology demo only. Go to menu -> demo to see it in action in typical scenario (user certificate generated in mySecurePhone application is required) ★★★ Access secured internet/intranet resources requiring...

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