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Chinese Whispers

You may know it as Grapevine, Gossip, Operator, Whisper Down the Line, Broken Telephone, or just the Telephone Game; we call it Chinese Whispers. No matter what you call it, this is a new take on the classic game and we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it for you. You start the game with a short story and pass it to a friend.…

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Download Jane Austen Quotes with Widget Jane Austen Quotes with Widget icon
Jane Austen Quotes with Widget

Get a Jane Austen quote of the day with this new Jane Austen Quote application. You can even add a pleasant widget to your home screen our Jane would be sure to love. You get a cool history view where you can see your past quotes and you can customize the way your widget looks. As usual, I appreciate all feedback (good, bad, and ugly). I want t…

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Download Confucius Say Quote Widget Confucius Say Quote Widget icon
Confucius Say Quote Widget

Confucius was a very wise Chinese philosopher who left a legacy of sound advice for posterity. These are the not so sound pieces of advice commonly known as "Confucius Say." These humorous parody quips are sure to give you a laugh as you get a new one on your home screen every day. You can share them with your friends in a highly custo…

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Download WiFi Passwords (requires root) WiFi Passwords (requires root) icon
WiFi Passwords (requires root)

Ever need to get that WiFi password to use on your laptop that you only have on your phone? WiFi Passwords lets you quickly view the saved WiFi passwords on your rooted Android phone. Networks are sorted alphabetically and you can easily copy the password to your phone's clipboard. This application will only work on ROOTED phones.

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Download Chuck Norse Facts with Widget Chuck Norse Facts with Widget icon
Chuck Norse Facts with Widget

More than a thousand years before Mr. T or Chuck Norris were ever conceived lived a man of true valor, true strength, and true beard: Chuck Norse, the Viking Warrior! Chuck Norse, unparalleled in strength, wisdom, and manli-tude, has never received his fair recognition until now. Forget Mr. T facts. Forget Chuck Norris facts. Chuck Norse, the…

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Download Scala Standard Lib Installer Scala Standard Lib Installer icon
Scala Standard Lib Installer

This application will install the Scala Standard Library to your rooted Android device. This application is only intended for development use and should NOT be required as a dependency of a production application. For more information please visit our website (below) or the project's GitHub page:…

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Download The World Feels The World Feels icon
The World Feels

Feel the pulse of the world with The World Feels. This application follows tweets from around the world looking for sets of emotionally laden words. Every few seconds a new tweet will appear. You can watch mesmerized as the world's emotions play out in front of you. There's a fascinating and almost voyeuristic feeling you get as you fin…

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Download Recently Installed Apps Widget Recently Installed Apps Widget icon
Recently Installed Apps Widget

Quick and convenient access to your most recently installed apps. This is a widget that provides shortcuts to the the last 4 applications that you've installed. As soon as you add or remove an application your latest apps list is refreshed. This is the pro version which includes several widget layouts. See the screenshots for an example o…

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Download Cow Says Moo Game for Kids! Cow Says Moo Game for Kids! icon
Cow Says Moo Game for Kids!

The Cow Says Moo is a fun, exciting, and educational application for toddlers and young children to help you introduce them to animals and the sounds they make. The Cow Says Moo features 16 farm animals hand-illustrated by Emily Upchurch Robinson laid out on a cartoon farm backdrop. Your children will be delighted when they press each animal an…

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Download Jane Austen Widget Upgrade Jane Austen Widget Upgrade icon
Jane Austen Widget Upgrade

This is the upgrade key for the Jane Austen Quote of the Day Widget. You can't actually execute this program directly. Instead, I recommend heading over to the free version and trying it out for a few days. If you love it, come back and buy the key! The free version lives at Purc…

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