Mobile Plasma

  • Play Voice Changer During Call




    Play sound effect during a phone call , voice recording changer effect ,record and change your voice. Select from many voices and effects . You can also add background sound . Voice Effects , Ambient sounds Save the recordings files . Automatically the application is opening an auto floating...

  • Du3a2 Ramadan - Islam Quran




    Specail Dua Tasbih takbir and Azkar in arabic for ramadan .

  • Minesweeper : Brain & Puzzle




    Test of memory and reasoning with Minesweeper . The goal : find the empty squares and avoid the mines. How to play The rules in Minesweeper are simple: Uncover a mine, and the game ends. Uncover an empty square, and you keep playing. Uncover a number, and it tells you how many mines lay...

  • Numerology - Your Personality




    In this Application you can learn what your Birthday number in your Numerology chart says about you : - Know Your Life Path Number - Know Your Power Number Doing this personality test may help you understand what makes you what you are and why you react to things the way you do. It will also...

  • Mu7alil latest Financial news




    Mu7alil latest Financial news Follow the latest financial, currencies and business news .

  • Hadith Qudsi -Prophet Muhammad




    Hadith Qudsi are the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) as revealed to him by the Almighty Allah . Collection of famous Hadith Qudsi from different books that are about 1200 years old.

  • Islamic Book Dream Dictionary




    Dream Interpretation explains the meaning of your dreams to you in detail. What does my dream mean? Discover and interpret the meaning of your dreams . Arabic Islamic dream Books , dream meanings are based on Holy Quran ,Ibn Sirin , Naboulsi , Miler Keyword: tafsir ahlam,Dream Miler, tefsir...

  • Draw art of plasma trees color




    Touch the screen to paint a plasma trees ! for free . One touch on the screen and you can draw a beautiful Art of plasma tree , one touch one tree and each tree have a different color , once you finish you can do print screen to save the image in the photo gallery! Once you do print...

  • Speed Car Game in Saudi arabia




    Do you need to drive in speed in Saudi Arabia? Install this game and break records . Drive through KSA Towers .

  • Love letters for chat , status




    More than 1000 Arabic Love Quotes, Love Letters and Love Poems you can share with friends .

  • Prophet Muhammad stories islam




    Prophets Stories in Arabic of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah as it includes all of God Anibae stories: Prophets: Adam , Idris (Enoch) , Nuh (Noah) , Hud , Salih , Ibrahim (Abraham) , Isma'il (Ishmael) , Ishaq (Isaac) Yaqub (Jacob) , Lot (Lot) , Shuaib , Yusuf (Joseph) , Ayoub (Job) ,...

  • Love poetry for chat : Nizar




    The most 1000 important and famous Arabic poems about love and yarn for Nizar kabani ,Gebran khalil gibran ... Share your favorite poems—through Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail ...

  • Draw by your finger shapes art




    Paint with your fingers ! for free .. Touch the screen and move your finger right, left, top and bottom . Draw beautiful Art , shapes with random color then do print screen to save the image in the photo gallery! Once you do print screen and the paint saved on your phone photo gallery you...

  • New status for social network




    More than 10,000 best English sms for all occasions... Enjoy a huge number of amazing sms ready to be sent instantly to your friends,families and loved ones... send your greetings, easily, to any person or simply share it on facebook or whatsapp. Choose from our best collection of sms ,...

  • Scientific Calculator math




    Scientific Calculator: perfect for track programs at colleges . This calculator supports advanced mathematical functions which are useful for scientific calculations. Math : Algebra , Geometry , Trigonometry , Calculus , Calculators Functions : sin ,cos , tan , M1 .....

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