• Log My Moves - GPS Logger




    Log My Moves uses the in-built GPS in the smart-phone to gather location data and logs your data to secure cloud database automatically. Our comprehensive online tools let you turn that data into useful information for yourself, your family, and your business! You could share your travel and...

  • TalkNotes Plus




    The new TalkNotes Plus is a repackaged version of the paid TalkNotes Plus app. Over the years, TalkNotes Plus, and our free basic feature version TalkNotes, have received rave reviews. Across the board, users have said it is the optimal Android app for boosting productivity and organizing notes...

  • TalkNotes




    TalkNotes employs Android multi-tasking to allow you to enter notes, appointments, and reminders while calls are in progress, as well as reviewing notes on previous call conversations. Allows scheduling follow up that goes directly into Google Calendar. Apart from on-going call, notes could be...

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