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Joy Of Sex

Sex is the only type of intimacy that is reserved for married couples. Many marriages stumble in the sexual area though because of many factors. We want you to have a better sex life with your spouse. It’s one of the best ways to connect with them on a deeply personal level. Its not all about the positions and the feelings. Losing heat between th…

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Yoga For Better Sex

A fulfilling sexual life is quite necessary and important in order to lead a happy life. According to the Yoga philosophy, sex is a natural function and is extremely necessary for a healthy relationship. Yoga treats sex as the tool for the continuation of the human race and has a broader view on sex. There are several asanas which help in better se…

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Sex Life

Remember when "date night" was just "dinner?" Candlelight, flowers and restaurant reservations may have been the norm when you were dating. But with kids and jobs and homes and pets, who has the time for grand romantic gestures? Good news: you can still fit a little romance into your daily routine (and remember, the small stuff…

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Get A Bikini Body

We've got the ultimate workout to help you slip on a bikini with confidence. Each of these exercises targets at least three major muscle you train smarter, not longer. A bikini worthy body is achievable – and it isn't all about ab exercises. While good physical fitness and attention to a healthy lifestyle are part of the equation…

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