• Survive: Attack or Defend




    Survive: Attack or Defend is based on an ancient and classic strategy board game played in parts of the Indian subcontinent. The fundamental game plan is based on the “Attacking” and “Defending” strategies, which is the same in any other strategy board games like Chess, checkers etc. To make it...

  • GPS Surveyor Free




    GPS Surveyor is a FREE survey app which uses the GPS on your mobile device to plot and record a series of coordinates on the map. This app then allows you to save the survey for future viewing. This app uses Google maps with all its layer options. GPS Surveyor Free Features: •Display distance...

  • SilentKiller Silent Mode Timer




    SilentKiller is a simple FREE application which enables you to automate the process of switching your phone from Normal mode to Silent/vibrate mode and reverting back to Normal mode. You can choose from two options; - Timer Mode to select a cut-off time limit - Seek Mode to select a time...

  • Cheat Sheet Central




    Cheat Sheet Central-Your one-stop shop for cheat sheets! Cheat Sheet Central is a FREE “one stop” app providing the ultimate collection of cheat sheets and quick references on a wide range of topics. It will be your best on the go companion and you can utilize your spare time more efficiently....

  • JokeBrigade Lite




    JokeBrigade Lite In a mission to make YOU laugh! In today’s modern world of hustle and bustle many of us, had in fact forgotten to laugh or cannot find time to have a smile! JokeBrigade Lite is a free Android app which has combined the goodness of Laughter Therapy with smartphone technology....

  • Password Vault




    Password Vault Version 1.1 Its Safe, Secure and Simple! Password Vault is an Android Application which allows you to generate and manage your passwords in a secure manner. Password Vault allows you to generate passwords and store them securely for easy access. Password Vaults Unique Features:...

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