• MobilCTI Power Dialer Basic




    MobilCTI Power Dialer is a basic version of powerful, simple and effective tool for making automated outbound calls to: * Generate more qualified leads. Automated dialing will * Boost productivity. * Increase success Rate. * Make you more efficient (by reducing AHT). Mobile CTI is an ideal...

  • MobilCTI Auto Power Dialer




    MobilCTI Power Dialer is a powerful, simple and effective unified Sales/Campaign tool for making automated outbound calls, SMS and Email. Pay just $4.99 one time. No monthly fee. **Satisfaction Guaranteed!** If you are not satisfied with Mobile CTI power dialer, contact us within first one...

  • Ultimate Sales Dialer




    Ultimate Sales Dialer by MobilCTI is a powerful tool for making outbound calls, sending SMS and Email and Screen pop for inbound calls. Increase your Sales, Marketing, Fund Raising, Political and Customer Service campaigns by using Ultimate Sales Dialer. It provides constant contact...

  • MobilCTI SMS Campaigner


    Another Industrial Strength SMS tool for small businesses from MobilCTI team. It allows Business to send personalized SMS to its customers with push of a single button. (Please ensure you follow rules applicable to your own country) This application allows 1) Creating multiple SMS campaigns by...

  • Can Tamil Business Directory




    Canadian Tamil Business Directory: An Android application to search and find Canadian Tamil Businesses in Toronto, Ontario and Montreal Quebec in Canada. Rather than carrying a business directory, you can find what you are looking for from your phone and dial them by one click. In addition,...

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