• Attack Of The Alien Bugs


    Alien bugs have infested the planet and you are on your own in the desert. Defend yourself against a never ending swarm of them for as long as you can. You have to use your gun and grenades effectively and keep checking around you. The radar at the top of the screen will help you know where the...

  • Air Defence : World War 2




    You must defend the 5 silos in front of you against the enemy planes with an anti-aircraft gun. Shoot down as many enemy planes as you can before they reach the silos to bomb them. You can play using the gyroscope or a joystick. How many planes can you hit?

  • Magnet Run 3D




    In this game you have to get the metal ball from the beginning of each level to the exit. Hold down the red button to start the pump and release it to propel the ball. The longer you hold down the button the further the ball will go. There are 24 levels and you will have to use skill and timing...

  • Critter Madness




    Hit the critters with your slingshot before they can throw rocks at you in order to receive as many points as you can. The critters will squeak before they appear out of their holes and the faster you get them the more points you will get, but watch out for the rocks they will try to throw at...

  • Alien Madness




    Shoot the aliens with your laser before they get the chance to throw rocks at you. The aliens will make a noise before they appear out of their holes and the faster you get them the more points you will get. If you are hit with a rock you will lose one of your 5 lives and with each alien you hit...

  • The Wire Loop Game




    The Wire Loop Game features 15 levels of which have varying time limits on completing the course. On each level you have to guide the metal hoop along the turns and twists of the wire without letting the wire or hoop touch each other. The recommended controls are to use your device's...

  • The Zombies Are Coming




    How long can you last against a never ending swarm of zombies? Defend yourself from zombies in 3 different locations with your gun. The number of zombies that come for you will increase over time and you have to shoot them 3 times to kill each one. You will get 100 points for hitting the head, 50...

  • Laser Arena




    In this game you have to use quick reaction and timing to collect as many spheres as you can. You must avoid the lasers by either jumping over them, or rolling underneath them, depending on how high they are. The first arena is free to play and there are 2 others that are available for purchasing.

  • Piggy Wants Fruit




    Help the pig collect as much fruit as he can. Be careful of the rocks because they will hurt him. More rocks will fall down the hill as time goes on. Different fruit are worth different amounts of points.

  • Shooting Gallery Deluxe




    This game has 2 modes: Circle Challenge: In this mode you are surrounding by a total of 32 objects. You will be shown a target to hit (top right hand corner) and you will have to hit it as fast as possible to get the most points. The number of points available starts at 1000 and this number...

  • The Ball Challenge


    In this game you have to get the red ball from the cannon into the hole. There are 15 different rooms and you get a maximum of 3 balls. To move the cannon press the up and down buttons. Hold down the red button until you have enough power and lift your finger to shoot.

  • Apprendre l'espagnol




    Ce logiciel sera la manière la plus divertissante vous appris l'espagnol à ce jour! Lorsque vous exécutez le programme, sélectionnez votre langue, puis choisissez l'une des caractéristiques suivantes: ☆ Choisissez l'image: sélectionner l'image appropriée pour le mot espagnol qui...

  • Learn English for Kids


    This software is to help children learn how to spell words in English. There are 4 categories of which are animals, food, house and clothes. The animals category is free to use, but the other categories are locked and can be unlocked by purchasing the software from inside. When you select a...

  • Learn English




    This software will be the most entertaining way you have learnt English so far! ***Please note that the supported interface languages are Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Norwegian, Hindi, Czech, Finnish, French...

  • Top Down Rally




    Prepare to be challenged in this rally game featuring a top down view, meaning you will have to use the signs to help you know what is coming up, in order to complete each track within the given time. There are a total of 9 tracks and each track needs to be completed before you can move onto...

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