• spin number




    simply bored while you can enjoy Is a numbers game. 1-20 numbers displayed on the screen and the game starts Attend a number of people ran around on the screen. By finding the number, but I do not feel much .... Keep your eyes open going out ran faster than the number Can you move your...

  • M Gps Viewer




    Simply shows the GPS information. 1. GPS ON / OFF : to call up the GPS Settings screen. 2. HOLD : Press HOLD to keep the current GPS values displayed on the screen.

  • M StopWatch




    At the bottom of the START / STOP, RESET, LAP 3-Button by time measurements are available, hours: minutes: seconds: milliseconds Can be measured.

  • super ESP




    What is ESP refers to the ability chogamgakjigak telepathy, clairvoyance, foresight, etc. this fall. So you can test that was created during the Foresight program The higher the number of consecutive matching the high probability of foresight there was going to do. In addition, the number...

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