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  • femme de pivot Live Wallpaper




    femme de pivot Live Wallpaper is a free Live Wallpaper app contains various own design Live Wallpapers. Each wallpaper has its design theme and special live effects. Apart from Live Wallpapers, we also provides Still Wallpapers for your selection. Just download one single app and you will keep...

  • We Stick Calendar香港人的行事曆




    We Stick has received the HKICT Awards - Best Mobile Apps Gold Award (Consumer & Lifestyle Solutions). We Stick Calendar - A Mobile Calendar for Hong Kongers Don’t forget to go to “Schedule Centre” where you can find many useful schedules: ・More than 700 Hong Kong School Calendars for...

  • MiW Live Wallpaper Platform




    Mobile interactive Wallpaper (MiW) is a Wallpaper Platform for you to create your own Android Live Wallpaper. With our powerful Live Wallpaper Engine, you can launch your own Live Wallpaper App in 5 Days. Simple & Easy, no programming skill is needed. Want to Promote your Brand / Character....

  • Flying Sofye Live Wallpaper




    Key Features: -Three background: day scene, nightfall scene, and night scene will be changed automatically -Lovely little icons will be pop-up when you touch the screen -Decorated with Digital Clock with Date & Time display Flying Sofye is a character designed by Lam Pei, a Hong Kong...

  • Neway Karaoke Box




    透過Neway手機應用程式,享受以下5大特色功能: 1) Neway Music Live 足本播放 有Neway Music Live 之足本版、幕後花絮及相片隨時收看,更可與朋友分享資訊。 2) K-Snap 獎賞 配合Neway 相關推廣活動,拍下推廣活動之相片,贏取豐富獎品! 3) 新歌快遞 讓K迷緊貼Neway 最新K歌 4) 搜尋K房 可查詢全線Neway 及CEO 分店之K房情況,讓你輕鬆掌握唱K時間。 5) K-Fun 禮品推介 現可於手機應用程式同步瀏覽K-Fun禮品! 支援智能手機: 只適用於Samsung GALAXY SIII 及 Samsung...

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