Mobiletropolis City

  • Mobiletropolis City Mobile




    This app will connect your device directly to Mobiletropolis City, which is a forum base site that socializes about mobile devices. Come and join the fun at Mobiletropolis and take up residence showing off your mobile screenshots, knowledge, or learn more about your device. Once you open the...

  • Love In The Air




    Love In The Air is a great expression of how you feel that can be seen by anyone that sees you phone. This live wallpaper simulates love floating in the air. Fits All Android Phones 2.1 & 2.2 OS Only

  • Her Sparkling Eye




    This awesome Live Wallpaper will fit any android phone. Once you have installed it adjust the settings to your screen size. Her Sparkling Eye Live Wallpaper has an awesome animation of a red sparkle in her eye and has a great look. It is simple but yet has great color and sharp image. This...

  • Silent Mode Switch




    Enjoy this very simple but very useful volume toggle switch. With the widget it makes it very convenient and super fast to turn ringer off and on. Using this app is even faster than using your volume buttons on the side of your device. By toggling the Silent Mode Switch you mute: *Alarm Volume...

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