• 5.0





    Play this popular card game and compete with other users

  • Solitaire Wear




    The #1 Solitaire game, also known as Patience, is now available for Android Wear! Enjoy millions of Solitaire games straight from your wrist. Klondike Solitaire is a fun puzzle game that requires plenty of thinking and strategy, while offering countless hours of fun right on your watch. You’ve...

  • 6.5

    Spider Solitaire




    Play this classic card game and don't stop until you master it

  • 6.5

    FreeCell Solitaire




    Play this classic computer game in your Android device

  • graBLOX Puzzle Game




    Use the unique powers of graBLOX to help these little aliens get home. This dangerously challenging puzzle game will have you scratching your noggin and picking your brain for hours! The premise is simple: remove all the BLOX from the board. Since each BLOX behaves and reacts differently, only...

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