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Car Parking

Car Parking also known as unblock car is a very addictive puzzle game. During the rush hour there are too many cars in the parking area. Your task is to unblock the red car and move it out of the traffic chaos. You can simply move the cars and trucks by sliding them. There are many game puzzles from very easy to extremely difficult. You will get go…

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Download Brick Breaker Brick Breaker icon
Brick Breaker

Try our Brick Breaker game. Select two or more connected bricks with same color to score.The more bricks you pop in a single click - the more points you get for every brick.When there are no more bricks with same color adjacent to each other,the game ends. Try to destroy all the bricks in the game field. Each remaining brick by the end of the game…

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Download Plumber Plumber icon

Plumber is a logic puzzle game with HD graphics. Rotate the pipes to form a path from the valve to the reservoir.Tap on the pipe to rotate it and make desired direction. After making the path click on the valve to turn on the water. Plumber is fun and challenging game . There are 100 unique levels to pass through. Nice animation and sound effects…

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Download Kids Education Kids Education icon
Kids Education

Kids Education is a free educational game designed to help your kid learn counting from 1 to 10, all major colors, main shapes and names of fruits. Each educational item is represented with colorful image and human kind sound voice-over. Kids Education beside "Learning" mode also includes "Testing" mode. This mode tests your ki…

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Download Sokoban Sokoban icon

Sokoban is a FREE version of well known logical puzzle game. Push all the boxes onto the targets and pass the level! Remember, you can only push the boxes.You can’t push the boxes into other boxes or walls and you can’t pull them. The puzzle is solved when all boxes are at target locations. You will get one, two or three stars for each solved pu…

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Download Car Parking 2 Car Parking 2 icon
Car Parking 2

Here is a sequel of well known Car Parking puzzle game. Car Parking 2 is more challenging.It contains 300 absolutely new levels. Also You will need to make really hard work to solve some hard puzzles. During the rush hour there are too many cars in the parking area. Your task is to unblock the red car and move it out of the traffic chaos. You can…

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Download Kids ABC Kids ABC icon
Kids ABC

Kids ABC is a free teaching game for your kids. This game will help your child to learn the whole alphabet from ‘A’ to ‘Z’. Each alphabet letter is represented with colorful animal image and sound voice-over. The Kids ABC also includes testing mode. This mode will test your child’s ABC knowledge. Also your kids will enjoy the amazing and well kno…

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Download Christmas Songs Christmas Songs icon
Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs. Christmas is coming! Hurry up! Listen to Your favorite Christmas songs and fill the Christmas atmosphere with magic carol! Christmas Songs are an absolutely wonderful collection of top, very popular and famous folk Christmas songs. Each song is presented with unique nice and colorful graphical support. There are also dynamically s…

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Download Spider Solitaire Spider Solitaire icon
Spider Solitaire

Here is a well know Spider Solitaire card game. One of the best Spider editions on the market: -In this game you will find 3 type of difficulty Beginners(one suit)Intermediate(Two suits)and Expert (four suits). -attractive graphics -animated cards -foundation moves -Suggestions -card dealing animations -winning animation -game statistics -undo opt…

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Download Word Search Word Search icon
Word Search

Here is the one of the best WORD SEARCH games in the market. Your task is to find all the hidden words in the table. To find the hidden words in the puzzle, swipe them with your finger. Words can appear in horizontal , vertical and diagonal orientations. Try and enjoy it! Features: * 10 different word categories * The table adjusts automatically…

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