• Слова из букв

    Слова из букв




    Представляем Вам модификацию всем знакомой с детства игры Cлова из слова или Cловобор . Цель игры - составить как можно больше слов из заданных 7 букв за 3 минуты. Каждый правильный ответ добавляет к общему времени дополнительных 10 секунд. За каждое угаданное слово вы получаете очки , чем...

  • Kids ABC

    Kids ABC




    Kids ABC is a free teaching game for your kids. This game will help your child to learn the whole alphabet form ‘A’ to ‘Z’. Each alphabet letter is represented with colorful animal image and sound voice-over. The Kids ABC also includes testing mode. This mode will test your child’s ABC...

  • Kids Education

    Kids Education




    Kids Education is a free educational game designed to help your kid learn counting from 1 to 10, all major colors, main shapes and names of fruits. Each educational item is represented with colorful image and human kind sound voice-over. Kids Education beside "Learning" mode also...

  • Car Parking

    Car Parking




    Car Parking also known as unblock car is a very addictive puzzle game. During the rush hour there are too many cars in the parking area. Your task is to unblock the red car and move it out of the traffic chaos. You can simply move the cars and trucks by sliding them. There are many game puzzles...

  • Word Mix

    Word Mix




    Word Mix is a word game.The goal of this game is to make words from given 7 letters. You have 3 minutes to finish task. If you can't guess anything else you can press give up button and the board will be opened. The words you have not guessed are marked in red. If the word is unfamiliar you...

  • Kids Matching Game

    Kids Matching Game




    Kids Matching Game is a memory game for you and especially for your kids. This game will help to train your and your child memory. Nice kids pictures , toy icons. Two levels Easy with 16 images and hard with 24 images! Challenge mode with 9 levels. High score table. Try to open all cards as...

  • Sokoban





    Sokoban is a FREE version of well known logical puzzle game. Push all the boxes onto the targets and pass the level! Remember, you can only push the boxes.You can’t push the boxes into other boxes or walls and you can’t pull them. The puzzle is solved when all boxes are at target locations....

  • Kids Math

    Kids Math




    This is an educational math game for Your kids and why not, maybe for everyone(this is a good brain test and you can improve your math calculations speed). After playing this game, your kids definitely will calculate faster. This educational game is a unique one, because IMPORTANT NOTE: This...

  • Mélange Mots

    Mélange Mots




    Mélange-Mots est un jeu de mots. L’objectif est de créer des mots à partir de 7 lettres qui vous sont données. Vous avez 3 minutes pour compléter cet tâche. Si vous avez épuisé vos options, cliquez le bouton ‘J’Abandonne’ et le tableau de jeu s’ouvrerait. Les mots que vous avez manqué seront...

  • Wörter Salat

    Wörter Salat




    'Wörter Salat' ist ein Spiel mit Wörtern.Das Ziel dieses Spiels ist Wörter zu bilden aus 8 vorgegebenen Buchstaben (Nur Hauptwörter, Plural ist nicht erlaubt). Du hast 3 Minuten Zeit, um mit der Aufgabe fertig zu werden. Wenn du sonst nichts mehr weiter raten kannst, kannst du den...

  • Help Santa

    Help Santa




    This is a Christmas version of well know Sokoban puzzle game. Christmas is near. Hurry up! Help Santa to push all the Christmas present poxes onto the targets. Remember, the Santa can only push the boxes. Boxes may not be pushed into other boxes or ice walls, and they cannot be pulled. The...

  • Fiery Labyrinth

    Fiery Labyrinth




    Here is very original Fiery Labyrinth Game. You control the ball with tilting your phone. Your task is to collect all yellow balls consequentially. Do not touch the fire. If you touch the fire you lose. There are also a lot of interesting special items in the game .They will help and interfere...

  • Brick Breaker

    Brick Breaker




    Brick Breaker game. Select two or more connected bricks with same color to score.The more bricks you pop in a single click - the more points you get for every brick.When there are no more bricks with same color adjacent to each other,the game ends.Try to destroy all the bricks in the game field....

  • Spider Solitaire

    Spider Solitaire




    Here is a well know Spider Solitaire card game. One of the best Spider editions on the market: -In this game you will find 3 type of difficulty Beginners(one suit)Intermediate(Two suits)and Expert (four suits). -attractive graphics -animated cards -foundation moves -Suggestions -card dealing...

  • Знаток





    Увлекательная игра слов.Проверьте свою эрудицию! Отгадайте слово по его описанию за 60 секунд. Загаданное слово не должно превышать 10 букв. В игре имеются подсказки 4 типов. 1. Добавить 60 секунд. 2. Открыть первую букву. 3. Убрать лишние буквы. 4.Пропустить вопрос (очки не начисляются) За...

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