• My Agra Guide

    My Agra Guide




    Are you planning to visit Agra, in India to see the famous Taj Mahal? Plan your trip effortlessly with ‘My Agra Guide’ app to not miss a thing! This convenient app helps you to; ➢Visit mesmerizing historic attractions. ➢Relish authentic local Agra cuisine. ➢Shop attractive souvenirs from local...

  • Be Beautiful Hair

    Be Beautiful Hair




    Be Beautiful Hair provides beauty tips and remedies to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. > Tips for all hair types – oily, dry, damaged, dandruff prone, colored, dull and weak. > Simple homemade signature beauty recipes/ treatments to keep your hair shiny, silky, lustrous and healthy...

  • Be Beautiful Skin

    Be Beautiful Skin




    Be Beautiful Skin provides beauty tips and remedies to keep your skin healthy and beautiful all 365 days a year in spring, summer, fall/ autumn and winter. > Tips for all skin types – Normal, Dry, Oily and Acne prone > Tips for all seasons - spring, summer, fall/ autumn and winter. >...

  • BMI & Smoothies for You

    BMI & Smoothies for You




    Calculate your BMI & find recipes of delicious smoothies to better your BMI. Drink tasty smoothies to stay healthy. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure for human body shape based on an individual's mass and height. This application helps you to: 1.Calculate your BMI basis on...

  • Herbs Cooking & Curing

    Herbs Cooking & Curing




    This application is your guide to cook and cure with herbs that are readily available in your kitchen. The application introduces you to the benefits, nutrition value and uses of herbs in both cooking and curing. - Learn how to use common herbs in day to day cooking. - Learn how to cure common...

  • Eat Eggless

    Eat Eggless




    Eat Eggless is a standalone application with only eggless recipes of cakes, desserts, breads, omelettes, crepes and pancakes. Store the application on your phone to easily procure ingredients and follow the recipe hassle free as you cook along. - Standard measurements for ingredients. - Easy...

  • Remedies at Home

    Remedies at Home




    This application shares ancient wisdom of treating ailments using natural ingredients like herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables and other natural products readily available at home. Remedies at home is a simple to use yet highly useful application divided in to three parts, - Personal Care -...

  • Your Vitamin - Mineral Guide

    Your Vitamin - Mineral Guide




    Your vitamin – Mineral Guide helps to understand the importance of vitamins and minerals in proper functioning of our body. - The application covers all macro and micro vitamins and minerals our body requires. - Learn why should you consume vitamins/ minerals? - Know which food provides what...

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