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  • Mobile Bulb and Torch




    Mobile Bulb and Torch is a unique application that will turn your mobile into a torch and it will amaze you with a number of lights (22 lights). Its unique features are a light bulb, light saving bulb (cfl), a heart shaped candle for people in love, halogen light, and that too, not in one color...

  • Talking and Laughing Monkey




    We all know that Laughter is the best medicine. But it's been a long time since you last laughed like anything. Now here's a monkey who laughs on your finger touch and brings a smile on your face. Just keep on moving your fingers on his belly and see him laughing hysterically. And to...

  • Happy Santa




    Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas is coming and I am coming too to make your day memorable. Just rub my belly to make me happy. This time you can change my color from usual red and white to different bright colors. You can also record your voice and I will play it in a different voice. You can ring and hear...

  • Speaking Santa n Music




    Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Claus is coming in your mobiles this Christmas. He loves music and plays various musical instruments. You can make him happy by touching his belly. And he loves to eat ice-creams yummy.... Talking Santa hears what you say and repeat it in his own voice. You can change the...

  • Talking and Dancing Monkey




    All of you have seen a monkey dancing on streets but have you seen it dancing in your mobiles? No? Then hold your breath here's comes a monkey who will perform some of the famous dancing steps like moon walk by Legendary Dancer Micheal Jackson, a retro twist and many more.... Monkey will...

  • Talking Tiger




    Talking Tiger application is dedicated to one of the world's endangered cat species "The Tiger". You can record your voice and the tiger will repeat your voice but in a different pitch. In addition to this, the application also has various 3D animations of Tiger like: 1) Tiger...

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