• Sudoku World




    Sudoku World is a games to fill in the blanks using the digits 1 to 9 without duplication in horizontal, vertical, and 3x3 space. [Game Features] - 4 types of difficulty, a total of 400 stages - Check out your skills in Challenge Mode!(random issue, Time Attack, maximum difficulty, without a...

  • 将棋の王




    スマートな容量のオンライン将棋ゲーム提供開始。 コンピューターと1対1対戦したり、隣の友達と対戦が全部できます。 将棋に自身の方なら早めにオンライン対戦にチャレンジしましょう! [ゲーム特徴] 3段階の人工知能構成 全世界マルチプレー提供。(Google+ログインするとき) vs player:2名の人が交互進行ゲーム。 業績とランキング機能提供。 友達の紹介機能提供。 タブレット支援。 Facebook:...

  • 정통오목




    ★온라인 대전 업데이트 완료★ 1. g+ 선택 또는 온라인 대전 선택 2. g+ 로그인 3. 온라인 대전 선택 4. 자동 상대 검색 5. 게임 진행 6단계의 AI와 대전하실 수 있습니다. 단계를 높여가며 AI와 겨뤄 오목 실력을 늘려 보세요! ○컴퓨터와 대전하는 AI대전은 기본○ 6단계 난이도를 통해 자신의 실력에 맞춰 대전할 수 있어요 실력을 늘려 6단계에 도전해 보세요! ○친구와 함께 하는 2인대전○ 하나의 폰으로 두명이 돌아가며 둘수 있어요! 여행중,쉬는시간,이동중, 어느때나 오목판...

  • 정통장기




    ★온라인 대전 업데이트 완료★ 1. g+ 선택 또는 온라인 대전 선택 2. g+ Sign In 3. 온라인 대전 선택 4. 자동 상대 검색 5. 게임 진행 6단계의 AI와 대전하실 수 있습니다. 실력을 키워 더 높은 단계의 AI와 대전해보세요. 접장기, AI대전, 2인대전, 판차림 선택, 기보저장 등 장기의 모든것을 제공합니다. 장기 초심자라 이기기 어렵다면 접장기! 친구와 함께 2인대전도 해보시고 명경기는 기보를 저장하여 언제든지 다시 보실 수 있습니다....

  • Chinese Chess




    Chinese Chess is one of the famous board games that exist. This is a good game which helps develop of thinking ability by using strategy and tactic in the game. King Of Chinese Chess is one of the best games among all Chinese Chess game intended for smartphone. It is hard to believe it but it is...

  • King of Checkers




    Transformation chess game one of the global chess game board games, Be best Checkers player [Features] - Contain 4 step artificial intelligence - Supports multiplayer - Supports your leaderboards, achievements in the world when you log in to Google+ - Supports Invite a friend - Supports all...

  • Backgammon King




    Backgammon is the oldest board game played by many people from the Bronze Age to modern times. The origin of many board games. There still is popular in many countries. [Rules] All stones come in to their headquarters, you can remove the stone. You pulled out all his stones than your opponent to...

  • Chess Master King




    [ Special Details ] - Various chess horses and chess boards - Various difficulty level supported by outstanding AI Engine - Tournament mode play against 30 NPC - Practice mode with five different difficulty levels. - Multi player mode (up to 2 people) - Saving basic and support replay mode. -...

  • The King of Chess




    [Feature] 1. Leaderboards 2. Achievements 3. Multiplayer This is a good game which helps develop of thinking ability by using strategy and tactic in the game. Facebook:

  • 삼국지 무한쟁투




    [게임 특징] -유저의 전략선택에 따라 완전히 다른 결과 발생 -기존의 건설 방식이 아닌 전투를 통한 생산 방식 -게임 랭킹시스템과 약탈시스템을 도입하여 유저들의 경쟁관계 유도 -유저가 직접 제작한 스킬을 이용하여 상대의 진법을 공격 -10개의 경기장을 두어 레벨 보정 / 제한을 통해 진입장벽을 낮춤 -장수의 레벨에 따른 장비의 성장 ★주의사항★ 1. 해당 상품에는 부분 유료 아이템 및 게임 머니 결제기능이 포함되어 있습니다. 부분 유료 아이템 및 게임 머니를 결제할 시 실제 과금이 발생하오니 이점 유의하시기...

  • Solitaire King




    The solitaire king is a Klondike card game . You winning if put the all table cards to the top slot. Card on the bottom will be cleaned up as a black and red color sequence. High number cards can not go higher than the top of the low number cards. [Features] - Multiplayer mode: World online...

  • Ace of Tennis




    [ Features ] - Tablet support - Fully composed vivid 3D graphics - Realistic tennis game via physical engine! - Real time Multiplayer - Ranking system competing against everybody - Single & Double matches playing with your own cute pet - Get rewards by playing daily missions. Facebook:...

  • Billiards 3 ball 4 ball




    [Features] - Multiplayer Mode: play billiards games with everybody in the world on line. - Single player mode: Billiards game you can enjoy all by yourself - Extreme reality with Physical engine - Supports your ranking, accomplishment, and multiplayer when you log in to Google+ - support all...

  • Snakes & Ladders King




    Through a simple board game with dice game rules The game to do battle for who first to arrival 100 steps. [Features] - Survival Mode: The Games add fun of arcade on classic board game. - Vs Computer Mode: You can enjoy with artificial intelligence. - Multiplayer: You can compete with other...

  • One Finger Death Punch




    Experience cinematic kung-fu battles in the fastest, most intense brawler the world has ever seen! With the unique 1:1 response system of One Finger Death Punch, players will feel the immediate feedback of every bone-crunching hit. Pay tribute to the masters using five classic kung-fu styles...

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