• Mobees-MyTires




    Mobees-MyTires is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System for iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Android phone. It is designed to increase security, reliability, and understanding on tire conditions of your car. Feature 1.Smart way of monitoring tire pressure on your phone. 2.Monitor tire pressure and...

  • 新車市




    「新車市」為台灣最強大的新車資料庫,也是資料最齊全的全新・汽車・行動多媒體,我們致力成為提供完整購車資訊的行動平台,藉由「新車市」提供的內容,可以使消費者一手掌握最即時、多元的汽車資訊! 特色: • 完整的資料 擁有超過360種車款,將近800種車型檢索,除了收錄詳盡的車款特色、規格配備及影音圖庫,每月更提供10-20則專業試駕報告,為消費者提供完整購車資訊。 • 豐富的內容 掌握最新國內外車市動態,與知名汽車媒體中時旺車網、Go車誌及KUmotor酷車志合作,每月提供超過100則即時車壇新聞。 • 流暢的使用者介面...

  • Mobees-MyCar




    This App is linking to the OBD of your vehicle and providing real-time information you need to know for the health of your vehicle , including RPM, battery voltage, engine loading, tire pressure, etc.. In addition, based on the data including harsh acceleration, braking and corning, this App will...

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