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DJVU specializes in the Karaoke business working at the local Bars for the past 10 years. Loving her job and the customers who have become friends and family! Taking requests for Karaoke and your favorite songs, plus music videos! Many pictures and videos taken for lasting memories. DJVU is "the most fun you can have with your clothes on"…

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Papa Jack Express

"PAPA JACK EXPRESS" THE BEST-KEPT SECRET IN ORLANDO. After extended tours with Wilson Pickett, The Isley Brothers, Sam & Dave and many other notable artists, Papa Jack formed the group in the late 2008. Papa Jack is an accomplished saxophone player who has been playing venues Nationally & Internationally for over five decades.…

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Zoe Outreach Ministries

At Zoë our vision is “to see lives impacted and transformed through Jesus Christ.” With downloading this mobile app you will find out more about our ministry and the programs designed to serve you as we serve Christ. The Zoë family welcomes guests with bright smiles and open arms and provides a loving, nurturing, and hospitable environment that wi…

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Las Vegas Black Film Festival

The Las Vegas Black Film Festival (LVBFF) is primarily organized to celebrate the works of Black Filmmakers from all over the world. We welcome 'ALL' to enjoy this innovative cultural celebration. We highlight narrative feature films, documentary, short films, aspiring Actors and Screenwriters. It is the 'First' Black Film Festiv…

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Bully Busters 702-Official App

The Bully Busters 702 app creates ways for students to take action against bullying through connection to resources, products and catch any bullying acts. Also, listen to "Kids Have A Voice Radio Show" and access 24 hour Bully Hotline for students. This official app will reach a much broader audience, and make a great impact worldwide.

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Broadway In The Hood

A Source Of Joy Theatricals/ Broadway In The Hood founders Torrey Russell & Preston Coghill set out to make a difference in lives of families across the country. We are truly blessed to have accomplish a lot because of our professionalism, dedication, discipline to arts and our compassion to communities throughout the country. Our main goal and…

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iDoDis Photography

Lifetime memories is what iDoDis Photography provides clients with quality service. This app enables you to stay informed and engaged on our offerings and service specials in the Greater Milwaukee Metropolitan Area. Check out Milwaukee's best up and coming photographer Breeze Mac.

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Cuts Fasho

Cuts Fasho Mobile Barber app creates convenience for those wanting a professional haircut. No more waiting hours and hours in a barber shop or salon, a Cuts Fasho Mobile Barber will come to you at home or at the office. No more business cards required to have your favorite barber"s information or punch cards needed for discounts, it's all…

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NMS App Preview

National Mobile Solutions all-in-one(NMSAIO) client based demonstrations of mobile app design previews. Email us at to see previews of our mobile app designs in various industries. You will receive a complimentary app code to the appropriate industry for demo sample apps.

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New artist of “NuWorld Records” Bel Air, born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL. He has a new sound, and isn’t the typical music we all are use to from Chicago. Bel Air has a bigger message that he wants to let the world know about. Engage with the artist, Bel-Air and enjoy his newly released music with Nu World Records.

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