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    Las Vegas Black Film Festival

    The Las Vegas Black Film Festival (LVBFF) is primarily organized to celebrate the works of Black Filmmakers from all over the world. We welcome 'ALL' to enjoy this innovative cultural celebration. We highlight narrative feature films, documentary, short films, aspiring Actors and Screenwriters. It is the 'First' Black Film Festiv…

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    Download Bully Busters 702-Official App Bully Busters 702-Official App icon
    Bully Busters 702-Official App

    The Bully Busters 702 app creates ways for students to take action against bullying through connection to resources, products and catch any bullying acts. Also, listen to "Kids Have A Voice Radio Show" and access 24 hour Bully Hotline for students. This official app will reach a much broader audience, and make a great impact worldwide.

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    Download Bel-Air Bel-Air icon

    New artist of “NuWorld Records” Bel Air, born and raised on the south side of Chicago, IL. He has a new sound, and isn’t the typical music we all are use to from Chicago. Bel Air has a bigger message that he wants to let the world know about. Engage with the artist, Bel-Air and enjoy his newly released music with Nu World Records.

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    Download Woody Woods Woody Woods icon
    Woody Woods

    Woody Woods is the best entertainment deal in Las Vegas! Pianist - Composer - Arranger: Jazz, Gospel, R&B and Orchestral Author - "Conversations with Myself... and Others" Photographer - Videographer - Documentaries. You can book the talented Woody Woods at any venue around the world. Within this app you can set a consultation appoi…

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    Download PainDownThere.com PainDownThere.com icon

    We are a team of multi-disciplinary professionals and a woman with Chronic Pelvic Pain who came together to create a video guide for females who are experiencing ongoing genital and sexual pain. Our team represents over 50 years of experience in women's health related fields including OBGYN, Physical Therapy, Mindfulness Techniques and Human…

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    Download B.E.A.T. B.E.A.T. icon

    B.E.A.T. stands for (B)eautiful, (E)legant (A)nd (T)rendy. BEAT is a beauty and lifestyle brand offering luxurious virgin and raw hair extensions, along with apparel, with so much more to come. Welcome to the B.E.A.T brand!

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    Download I Am Mechanics I Am Mechanics icon
    I Am Mechanics

    I am Mechanics® is a local automotive repair shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, that offers complete repair and maintenance services on all imported and domestic vehicles. This mobile app is design to ensure your engagement and customer service experience from start to finish. Our team of ASE-certified technicians have more than 20 years of experience, and…

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    Download Life Long Dreams Life Long Dreams icon
    Life Long Dreams

    Life Long Dreams is a local performance and visual arts non-profit in Las Vegas that helps people with disabilities learn how to express themselves and their dreams through arts. This mobile app creates awareness of our handicap specialty ability programs and students, serving as a resource for volunteers and sponsors in the local community. Chan…

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    Download LaFiesta Apartment Homes LaFiesta Apartment Homes icon
    LaFiesta Apartment Homes

    LaFiesta Apartment Homes Mobile App assists in enjoying modern apartment home living, whether you are a current or future resident. This app was designed to create convenience, tailored to your lifestyle and needs. This professionally managed community is advocate of open communication and engagement amongst its residents. You'll always know wh…

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    Download Sleep Rhymes Sleep Rhymes icon
    Sleep Rhymes

    Welcome to Sleep Rhymes where kids can listen to, sing along and watch their favorite nursery rhymes come to life with original renditions sung by Christopher Nolan. The collection includes Three Blind Mice, ABC song, Wheels on the Bus, Bah Bah Black Sheep, Itsy Bitsy Spider and much more.

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