• PAKI




    Paki is a simple design of location-based application, you will easily find where you parked the car/motorcycle/bicycle. [Features] - One click to mark parking position. - Photo-assisted positioning. Evidence to show parking in legal parking space. - Don't worry, you will find the...

  • Chinese Medicine Life




    This software is designed to facilitate the need to query the users of traditional Chinese medicine. The most content of software comes from the Internet, books, and Chinese medicine practitioners, all content just for reference only; If the disease-related issues please contact the nearest to...

  • 中醫生活-付費版




    此軟體是為了方便需要查詢中藥之單味藥或方劑的使用者所設計。 軟體中的許多內容源自於網路、書籍以及請益於中醫師,因此所有內容僅供參考,詳細內容請以醫書(醫方集解、傷寒論..等等)為依據;若有病情之相關問題請就近尋求中醫師就醫,以免耽誤病情。 軟體功能: 1. 中藥材查詢功能 2. 方劑查詢功能 3. 即時搜尋關鍵字功能 4. 在方劑頁面中顯示所有與內文相關之中藥材以便交叉查詢 5. 可將軟體移至SD卡 6. 中藥材及方劑的書籤功能 7. 湯頭歌訣功能 8....

  • 忠春堂-中藥查詢




    為了推廣中醫藥及回饋社會大眾,忠春堂提供方便社會大眾查詢中藥方劑的軟體,並將軟體的廣告收益全數捐贈於慈善團體,冀望藉此能增進社會之福祉。 此軟體之內容參考自網路以及書籍,若您自身有任何病情的疑問,請儘速尋求專業中醫師的診治,切勿延誤自身的病情為上。 若您有任何中藥或醫理相關的疑問,歡迎您來電諮詢,忠春堂將提供您適切的專業建議,並且也歡迎您來店洽詢或交流中醫藥的知識。 2013/06/18 更新:...

  • RTSP Viewer




    RTSP Viewer can connect to IP cameras/RTSP Streaming/WebCam, and supports maximum 16 way connections, and also supports the A/V CODEC as following: Video : MPEG-4 / H.264 / H.263 Audio : AAC / G.711A / G.711U / AMR Other feature: 。You can feel free to resize and move the screen of...

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