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Gailardia J

English version is released as "Gailardia".

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Escape: The Room

This is an "escape the room" type of game in which you must find your way out of a locked room. Figure out clues and use items to escape. If you like fun yet challenging puzzles, then this is the game for you! And if you've never gotten into these kinds of games before, then Escape: The Room is a good introduction to the genre. If…

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If medieval and royalty RPG are your thing, then this will be a considerably enjoyable experience for you. It also includes an item completion feature and other fun elements to keep you entertained! The English version was created from the original Japanese version, so no balance changes have been made. Hence, leveling up and gold acquisition ef…

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Gachinko Tennis

Gachinko Tennis lets you serve up a variety of slices and endure intense rallies in elimination rounds of tennis. Win games and earn experience points to spend on upgrading skills. You can configure 10 different skills and learn up to 7 kinds of serves. You'll go up against more than 10 opponents with a diverse array of specialties ranging fr…

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Download Gachinko Football: Free Kick Gachinko Football: Free Kick icon
Gachinko Football: Free Kick

Take free kicks at the goal in this football (soccer) game. Feel the thrill of rocketing the ball past the "wall" and goalkeeper standing between you and the net. Gachinko Football: Free Kick features a wide range of shots: the Spin Shot, the Drive Shot, the Straight Shot and other amazing techniques! There are also hidden teams to fac…

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Escape: The Room 2

This is an "escape the room" type of game in which you must find your way out of a locked room. Escape: The Room 2 has even more puzzles to solve than its predecessor. In this version, items in your inventory are marked with an X when they are no longer usable to help you figure out how to get out of this trap. If you find yourself stu…

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Gachinko Football

Gachinko Football is football game! Currently Japanese Version only...

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Jumping YellowMan

Jump through this game with YellowMan as you avoid hitting the walls. Get the items that appear and jump as far as you can!

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Mobile Reversi

Mobile Reversi is a standard reversi game. You can select the CPU difficult from LV1-LV5. LV1 being really easy, while LV5 is extremely difficult.

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