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    Salah for Kids

    Salah [Prayer] for Kids is a unique way to teach Salah Rakaat's, Wudu [abulation], Tayammum and Rakaat Types and How to perform Salah [prayer] for boys and girls. Divided into 3 Parts the Application teaches the Rakats for each Prayer. After which there is a Wudu and Tayammum Section which teaches about WUDU and if WUDU or GHUSL is not possible…

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    ABCs of Islam for Kids

    Teach your child Islamic words with ABC of Islam. We strive to educate children with Islamic knowledge. ABC of Islam contains Islamic word for each letter from A to Z. It contains shapes that help your child to better understand the word and its meaning. After a complete walk through from learning zone the ABC Random zone will help to memorize th…

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    ECG Analyzer

    ECG Analyzer is an application that helps doctors find/extract useful information either by using caliper lines or by using drawing options from an ECG report of a person and point those out for other people once done he/she can send the results to anyone via email or any other platform that supports image sharing. The application also allows the u…

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    Radio Asian World

    Radio Asian World is committed to promote and preserve the culture and heritage of Sub Continent's rich and famous music. Our aim is to provide listener the best classical, semi classical, folk, pop, rock, ghazal and combination of old and latest melodious music. Radio Asian World is spreading the message of love, peace and unity through its m…

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    Download Automate Home Automate Home icon
    Automate Home

    Automate is a solution based company that works on the concept Internet of things (IOT) of by connecting the Physical world with the Internet. It is one of the first few companies to develop & manufacture Internet of things (IOT) products that are made in Pakistan, hence making a huge difference from imported products. Our solution is an Inte…

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