Moftak Solution

  • ECG Analyzer




    ECG Analyzer is an application that helps doctors find/extract useful information either by using caliper lines or by using drawing options from an ECG report of a person and point those out for other people once done he/she can send the results to anyone via email or any other platform that...

  • JumpStart Pakistan




    JumpStart Pakistan is an initiative through which you can play your part in changing Pakistan. If you want to be part of this initiative, our only requirement is for you to have an Entrepreneurial Mindset!

  • Stencil Craft




    Moftak Solution brings you Stencil Craft to educate your children with the basic mathematical shapes. Your child has to fill the object image with different colors of objects by comparing the shapes . The object image of each level is basically a set of different shapes filled with colors. It...

  • Riphah Radio




    Riphah Radio works in alignment with the vision of Riphah International University ( ): establishment of state-of-the-art educational institutions with a focus on inculcating Islamic ethical values. It also works as community radio to address various social and ethical issues being...

  • IslamBox




    IslamBox - Islamic media is building at a remarkble rate mashaAllah. However, viewing all these channels is virtually impossible from home, without purchasing huge satellites with even bigger bills. Now with Islam Box you can view Islamic Media from Pakistan (QTV), the UK (Islam Channel), the US...

  • Salah for Kids




    Salah [Prayer] for Kids is a unique way to teach Salah Rakaat's, Wudu [abulation], Tayammum and Rakaat Types and How to perform Salah [prayer] for boys and girls. Divided into 3 Parts the Application teaches the Rakats for each Prayer. After which there is a Wudu and Tayammum Section which...

  • ABCs of Islam for Kids




    Teach your child Islamic words with ABC of Islam. We strive to educate children with Islamic knowledge. ABC of Islam contains Islamic word for each letter from A to Z. It contains shapes that help your child to better understand the word and its meaning. After a complete walk through from...

  • Islam Box for Google TV




    Islamic media and TV channels are growing at a remarkable rate mashaAllah. However, viewing all these Islamic channels from around the world is virtually impossible, even if someone purchase huge satellite dishes, it isn't technically possible to receive all these great channels from around...

  • Radio Asian World




    Radio Asian World is committed to promote and preserve the culture and heritage of Sub Continent's rich and famous music. Our aim is to provide listener the best classical, semi classical, folk, pop, rock, ghazal and combination of old and latest melodious music. Radio Asian World is...

  • Location Guide




    My Location Guide is a helper application to find our the hotels, markets, mosque and parks around you. My LocationGuide track your position via GPS. After launching the Location Guide/Helper user can click the tabs to see either Mosques around your current position on Google Map Or hotels OR...

  • Milwaukee Muslim Radio




    The Muslim community of Milwaukee is bringing to you the first ever Milwaukee Mulsim Radio Station during the blessed month of Ramadan. Milwaukee Muslim Radio will be covering live, 24 hours a day, all throughout the month of Ramadan, keeping you in touch with the source, whenever you need it....

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