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How To Tune Your Piano

In many cases, the piano is the heart and soul of music. Songs that utilize a piano for the instrumental part always turns out to be a winner. But would you listen to a piano that is not properly tuned? Of course not! This electronic piano book provides you lessons on how to tune a piano. It gives pointers and instructions and guide to suit amateu…

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Crochet Stitches Tips & Tricks

Crochet Stitches Tips And Tricks is an eBook app that provides comprehensive information and resource about crocheting. This is an updated version of Crochet Stitches 2012 eBook app. This is an all-around reference that covers the basics from tools and materials to an in depth quick study of the crocheting lingo. This crocheting book contains all…

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Wedding Dash

Wedding Dash - The Ultimate Guide For A Perfect Wedding is an eBook app that provide you tips and information to plan a perfect wedding. The eBook contians 5 Chapters that gives you interesting and cost saving tips that you can readily apply when planning one of your life's momentous event. The eBook discusses topics about wedding planner, we…

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Parenting Tips & Tricks

Parenting Tips & Tricks is an eBook app aimed at providing you tips & tricks, parenting advice, parenting guide and information to help you raise happy and responsible children in the 21st century. You know, there are various parenting ages and stages, depending on what age you found yourself at the "parenting world". This eBook…

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Quilting Made Easy

This eBook quilting app is a comprehensive guide on quilting suitable for beginner's. It would take you from the earliest days where quilting started and provide you the technical bits you need to start a great and wonderful hobby. It also talks about quilting patterns and provide tips on where you could source patterns for quilting. This qui…

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Blow Your Acne Away

Who doesn't want beautiful, radiant skin without acne and pimples? Having a clear and healthy complexion is an important part of putting your best self forward. Acne isn't just for teenagers; people of all ages are plagued by acne. If you want clear, healthy skin, you must have a skincare routine. The advice and tips in this acne eBook app…

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A Motivation Theory To Try Now

This eBook app provides you information about a great and effective motivation theory that you can try now. It also describes how you can use this to understand and influence others and how to effectively use this for your own self improvement. While reading this eBook app on your smartphone, you can flip through the pages as if it's a real bo…

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