Mold Busters

  • Free Asbestos Inspection




    This free asbestos inspection app, offered by Mold Busters, can help anyone who's concerned about the presence of hazardous asbestos in his or her home. Regardless of the condition of your home, there could be asbestos and it could be jeopardizing your health. It's especially likely that...

  • Free Mold Inspection App




    Mold Busters' free mold inspection app works in a very simple way: take a picture of your mold problem, add your comment(s) and send it to Mold Busters, the mold removal experts. Our trained and experienced professionals will provide you with advice and a quote, free of charge! Is there any...

  • Mold Busters Game




    Mold Busters has the #1 environmental game of all time and it's now available to you! Mold Busters is an educational and entertaining game, designed to introduce you to the world of mold inspection, removal and remediation. Playing our game, you'll learn about different types of mold and...

  • Mold Live Wallpaper




    Mold Busters has the #1 black mold live wallpaper for your smartphone! We offer a 3D-rendered live black mold wallpaper background. No matter where you find yourself needing to kill time, the mold live wallpaper will be with you, keeping you entertained. All you need to do is tap and swipe your...

  • Black Mold Live Wallpaper




    Mold Busters offers you the #1 black mold live wallpaper for your smartphone! Read up on and check out our 3D-rendered mold live wallpaper. Stay entertained as you tap to bust mold in the background. If you want to customize your wallpaper, Mold Busters can help with that too! Our live...

  • Free Mold Book App




    The Mold Busters FREE mold book app can absolutely answer all of your important mold-related questions and more. At Mold Busters, we understand that discovering mold can cause you to feel a little lost, a little scared and very much in-need of answers. Refer to the "It's Not Mold Until...

  • Full Mold Book App




    Whether you’re buying, selling or renting your home,the FULL "It's Not Mold Until It's Tested" app for Android is packed with all the information you need, regarding mold, inspections, air quality testing and mold removal. This app is an easy-to-use guide, written by a...

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