• Aquarium game!

    Aquarium game!




    It's a game to run a aquarium Let Moriageyo the aquarium by collecting a lot of fish! Visitor also gather a lot if there are many fish! Sales up much audience get together a lot! It is also possible to fish to breed! It is a complete fish picture book by breeding a lot! Game very...

  • 猫パンチをよけろ!





    猫パンチを華麗によけまくるゲームアプリだよ 相手の猫が左右に猫パンチを放ってくるから画面をタップして華麗によけるんだ! 時間が経過すると猫のスピード、猫パンチのスピードがアップ! キミはいつまでよけきれるかな!...

  • Charges! Stag beetle Great War

    Charges! Stag beetle Great War




    Charges! Stag beetle Great War Heated Battle of insects! Charges! Stag beetle Great War! Insect RPG game that combines RPG and insects! It's a battle game of insects! I have a lot of insects and stag beetles, and scarab insect and butterfly! More than 300 in total! It pits the insects,...

  • 虫捕りゲーム(カブトムシ・クワガタ)





    カブトムシ・クワガタ・蝶の虫捕りゲームです。 操作は簡単! 画面上にワサワサ動く場所があるのでそれをタップ!! するとそこから昆虫がワラワラ飛び出すよ! 出てきた昆虫をタップして捕まえよう!...

  • Beetle Wars

    Beetle Wars




    Beetle Wars Take the beetle, grow, and I will to fight! ! A total of 48 different beetles! Some, such as tree climbing and one-on-one battle, war four different modes! Picking also features Bugs! ! To find the amazing beetle, Go to emergency picking insects! ! English, Japanese, Chinese,...

  • Ancient Fish Pack

    Ancient Fish Pack




    Additional packs racing game is ancient fish Tropical fish Fish (Stallion) Fish Stallion. First of all, please download the Fish Stallion ahead. Ancient fish to be added · · Echiopikusu Protopterus Protopterus aethiopicus · · Endorikeri Poriputerusu Polypterus endlicheri endlicheri Apteronotus...

  • Tropical fish racing game

    Tropical fish racing game




    English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean language is supported. Switching languages ​​is available from the "menu". "To race with various tropical fish" "to grow" "The steups" tropical fish This game is a game. It is a hybrid game that fishing games and horse...

  • Beetle waging war

    Beetle waging war




    This game is a game which takes a beetle or it makes play. ■ About insect collecting There is three insect collecting area. Various beetles are in each area. It can aim and is complete range complete !!. - Area 1 : Japan - Area 2:Southeast Asia and area 3 : South America tropical rain...

  • カブトムシ大戦SP1





    アプリ「カブトムシ大戦」のサービスパック1となります。 アプリ「カブトムシ大戦」をインストールしていない方は、 先にゲーム「カブトムシ大戦」のインストールをお願いいたします。 サービスパック1の内容は以下となります。 ・対戦の追加 ・敵カブトムシの追加...

  • Super Ultra Deluxe Reversi

    Super Ultra Deluxe Reversi




    Not familiar with each other ... Reversi tipped in black and white! Yes obstacle! Is magic! And, I think not reversi anymore! ? In addition to the standard 8 × 8, 20 × 20 up to a maximum mass as well! Play with all kinds of stage 11 + 1 hidden 10 types! CPU will become stronger each time the...

  • Child study application

    Child study application




    an intellectual training -- an application -- the first phase of series It can ? Come and is what ?English? . It is an intellectual training application which can play from a baby less than twelve months old. A child loves touching various things or talking! Various fruits come out on a...

  • Guppy breeding

    Guppy breeding




    It is a breeding game which breeds and breeds tropical fish and a guppy. A guppy is 35 kinds at all! I will aim at complete range domination!! A life and breeding change in balance with a tank or a filter! Please breed a guppy carefully! Incidentally a maker is [ aquarist 2 year ]!

  • Japanese Witch Training

    Japanese Witch Training




    It is a game which raises the psychic medium which speaks the soul in the voice of a dead person. It is the purpose to call the soul and to carry out diary registration. The soul to speak in the voice of a dead person is decided by the level of institutions. The institution can improve by...

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