• Binoculars





    Learn about Binoculars Power : Power means the degree to which the subject being looked at is magnified or enlarged. A 10x power means that you are magnifying something 10 times. Say you are looking at a tree that is 100m away. With a 10x binocular it would look ten times closer (or, only 10m...

  • Magic Card Tricks

    Magic Card Tricks




    Become an Amazing Magician! Magic Card Tricks will show you how to do easy yet impressive magic tricks with playing cards. You will learn everything from sleight of hand to misdirection. Magic Card Tricks will teach several easy magic tricks that anyone can learn and perform for their friends....

  • Dog Training

    Dog Training




    Learn fast and simple dog training and puppy training tips and advice that will help you turn a difficult puppy or dog into an obedient Pet. Training a puppy or new dog when you first bring them home is critical. It is obvious that you need certain physical items such as a dog bed or crate, food...

  • Motocross Beta

    Motocross Beta




    Easy to learn but difficult to master. Are you a dirt bike rider? Take your motorcycle through a complex motocross course. Take your motorcycle down the motocross path and through several obstacles to increase miles. But be careful, if you hit one of the obstacles you will crash and burn.

  • Zombie Graveyard

    Zombie Graveyard


    Zombie Graveyard Race through a grave yard filled with these mindless undead creatures. You mission is to run through the graeyard without getting caught by the zombies. Those undead creatures are back. They are hiding behind the tombstones. If you get too near a tombstone a zombies will get...

  • Stage Manager

    Stage Manager




    Run your show from your phone. Stage Manager was designed for variety entertainers and traveling performers doing small shows. Stage Manager is also very helpful during the rehearsal process during a theater production. You can use it to track act and scene running times and run the sound cues...

  • Hats



    Hats, is a simple application that allows you to add a hat to any person in a pictures. Features ….. … Select from several different hats. … Change size of the hats. … Change the rotation of the hat. … Share your final image on your social network. … Add text to your image. … Paint on...

  • Wigs





    Wigs, is a simple application that allows you to add a wig to any person in a pictures. Features ….. … Select from several different wigs. … Change size of the wig. … Change the rotation of the wig. … Share your final image on your social network. … Add text to your image. … Paint on your...

  • ImageFX





    ImageFX does contain some simple magic effects but its main purpose is to tie all the ImageFX apps together. This allows you to easily use your image in any of the ImageFX series. Montysmagic has produced a series of photography apps that are part of our ImageFX series. Each of these apps are...

  • Green Screen Magic

    Green Screen Magic




    You can easily change same-color backgrounds on your pictures to any background you like. Re-create Green Screen and Blue Screen effects on your pictures without expensive equipment. Known as Green Screen, Blue Screen and Chroma Key, this tool allows you to change the background of your...

  • Picture Watermark

    Picture Watermark




    Picture Watermark Protect your copyright. Add a water mark to your pictures and drawings before you post them on the internet. Make sure you get proper credit if that picture you just took of your favorite pet goes viral. Are other people using your pictures on their website without giving...

  • Text Effects

    Text Effects


    Text Effects is a simple application that allows you to add text to pictures. Features ….. … Lots of fonts are available. … Text size is changeable. … Text color is changeable. … Text can be drawn on any path Text Effects is the easiest way to add cool text to your photos. Makes sharing your...

  • Theater Blocking

    Theater Blocking




    Block you play or theater performance on your phone. Designed for theater directors, stage managers, actors, actresses, stage crew and variety entertainers. Features… … Several stage layouts. … Unlimited color selection. … Easily back up to see previous blocking … Easily move forward after...

  • Units Per Hr

    Units Per Hr


    Calculate units per hour. A simple easy to use app that allows you to calculate a number of units per hour based on a small sample size. Useful for estimating things like … … the average number of text messages you get in an hour. … the average number of times your phone rings in an hour. … the...

  • Easy Magic Sample

    Easy Magic Sample




    Easy Magic Tricks Learn Magic tricks and illusions. Easy Magic is a series of apps designed to help you learn magic tricks. You will find lessons for both beginners and experienced magicians. Learn to be an Amazing Magician! Easy Magic includes magic tricks that anyone can learn to perform. If...

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